39,000. That is how many of our CWA and IBEW sisters and brothers could be in the streets on August 1, when their contract ends, thanks to the overwhelming greed and brutal attacks against workers by Verizon. Let’s show Verizon this fight is important to the entire labor movement by attending the July 25 rally in NYC.

Click here to RSVP and remember to wear your union’s colors or RED to show solidarity! 

The first fight I worked on was the Daily News Strike in the early 1990’s, and I will never forget the sense of solidarity shown by the entire labor movement; it inspired me then and continues to inspire me today. With your help, we can show that commitment to one another again and create a wave of solidarity that flows to every union and every fight that affects working families.

If companies like Verizon are allowed to slash employee pensions, eliminate job security and increase medical costs for employees despite making $29 Billion in profits in the past 5 years, then it can happen to anyone.

That is why I am asking you to attend the rally this Saturday July 25 in NYC. Click here to RSVP and remember to wear your union’s colors or RED to show solidarity!

In the days ahead, we will be meeting and preparing with our affiliates to help Verizon workers in any way we can, whether rallies, food banks, donations, labor walks or applying political pressure. Together, with all of our hard work, we can help our sisters and brothers get the best possible result for themselves and their families.

In Solidarity,

Mario Cilento
President NYS AFL-CIO