ATU 1181 Strike Information

Over 8,000 hard working men and women are on strike to protect their job security and in turn ensure the safe transportation of the 150,000 New York City children that ride their school buses each day.  Mayor Bloomberg has the power to end the strike if he would just come to the table and negotiate with the union and school bus contractors.  ATU Local 1181 members have even agreed to return to the job without a settlement as long as the Mayor postpones the City’s bid for school bus contracts, giving all parties an opportunity to work toward an agreement that keeps the most experienced and highly skilled workers on the buses, and addresses the need for cost savings in the system.

ATU Local 1181 members, and the children and parents they proudly serve, need your help.  Here’s how you can do your part:

  1. Please stop by a picket location near you and show your support.
  2. Send a letter to Mayor Bloomberg.
  3. Call the Mayor at 1-888-833-7428 or text “Safety1st” to 877877

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Press Links

2/12/13 – City Can (But Won’t) Play It’s Part in Bus Strike
We’re damn-near a month into the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181’s bus-driver and matron strike, and the city is still pretending like it doesn’t have everything to do with why this mess continues to drag-on.

2/1/13 – NLRB Office of General Counsel finds NY bus strike not unlawful
Office of General Counsel found that the bus companies, which maintained collective bargaining agreements with the union for many years before they expired in December, are primary employers in the labor dispute, along with the Department of Education.

2/1/13 – Statement From ATU 1181 President Michael Cordiello
“Today’s ruling from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is further confirmation that Local 1181’s effort to protect the jobs of the most experienced and safest school bus drivers and matrons is not only necessary for the well-being of New York City’s school children, but is perfectly legal.

2/1/13 – Striking school bus union: Blame city, not drivers for high cost of busing
Union says higher numbers of special needs kids, traveling farther from home is why costs have increased, not driver salaries.

This morning ATU Local 1181 President Mlichael Cordiello was joined by ATU International President Larry Hanley, and other supporters in labor in announcing the Union’s latest attempt to bring City Hall to the table to end the two-week old strike.

1/29/13 – Bloomberg’s Actions Threaten School Bus Driver Culture That Rewards Hard Work and Makes Children Safer – “I see the kids and they say, ‘Hey, bus driver, do you remember me?’ and I say, ‘Yes,’ and I do. I watch them grow up. I’ve seen children who’ve been on my bus, and now I see them with children of their own.”

1/28/13 – Uneasy rider: Disabled may share regular buses
As early as September, the city plans to put disabled kids with general-education students on school buses, a move that enraged parents say could lead to bullying and neglect.

 1/23/13 – Bus strike fixes found in Boston, NYC resolutions of the past
Bloomberg and Walcott should end confrontational approach with bus drivers union to find resolution to end the strike. Techniques for such a resolution can be found from similar circumstances in Boston and New York.

1/20/13 – Bus Drivers Unjustly Targeted by Mayor Bloomberg
“I’m a mom. I raised two kids in this city. Believe me, when a mom entrusts me with her child I take that responsibility seriously. All we ask in return is fairness, job and pension security.” – Lucy DiBitetto

1/18/13 – Mayor Bloomberg Should Stop Blaming Workers…
The mayor’s claims that he wants to protect competitive bidding seem hypocritical after his history of violating or ignoring such rules.

1/18/13 – A Good Matron is Hard to Find.
Drivers and matrons, despite press reports, are hardly to blame for the city’s budget problems (the average salary is $35,000 per year).

1/17/13 – [Video] ATU 1181 President Michael Cordiello explains why members are on strike.
Michael Cordiello, President of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181, spoke with GDNY on Thursday.

1/17/13 – Mayor Bloomberg Continues to Let Our Children Down
School bus workers’ strike and inability to negotiate teacher evaluation agreement are failures of leadership.

1/14/13 – School Bus Strike: A Crisis of the City’s Own Making
School bus drivers and crews are going on strike for one reason and one reason only; the Mayor has decided to put his pride over the safety of New York City children.

1/13/13 – City Hall School Bus Flip Flop – City was for EPP in bids before they were against it
There seems to be a severe case of amnesia sweeping through City Hall these days. City officials have conveniently forgotten that they defended the cost and the legality of including the Employee Protection Provision (EPP) in contracts in Court.