Con Ed Fight Goes National: AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Writes to Kevin Burke


National AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka writes to Con Ed CEO Kevin Burke regarding the “reprehensible” lockout of 8,500 utility workers; calls on Con Ed to start bargaining in good faith. (Entire letter attached here)

Statements below from NYS AFL-CIO and NYC Central Labor Council Presidents in support of
Trumka’s intervention on behalf of Utility Workers of America Local 1-2. 

“President Trumka’s concern and intervention from the national level on behalf of the locked out workers of Con Edison demonstrates just how shockingly despicable the company’s actions have been,” said Mario Cilento, President of the New York State AFL-CIO. “Con Edison’s outright disdain for its workers and the customers they proudly serve has united unions from all industries and sectors across the city, state, and now the country. Con Edison is on notice that the labor movement will fight alongside Local 1-2 members until they have won a fair contract – no matter how long that takes.”

“Con Ed’s ill-advised lockout and blatant anti-worker attitude is drawing the concern and attention of Labor nationwide. Con Ed’s lockout is yet another attack on middle-class workers and their families, and unions across the country are prepared to stand together and support Local 1-2 in its fight for a fair contract,” said Vincent Alvarez, President of NYC Central Labor Council.

Please click here to take action to support the 8,500 UWUA Local 1-2 workers that have been locked out.


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  2. Help, Help, help!!!!
    Please let the your Con Edsion union workers know what they are going to do without health insurance??
    Isn’t it illegal for Con Edison to just cancel their health insurance with out no warning?
    By law, doesn’t Con Edison have to cover us for 30 days and send out notice in writting advising us of the cancellation of our insurance and how to apply for Cobra?
    As of today July 10th we have not received anything about this in writing!!
    There are many members & their families who need to have Cemo, Dyalisis, Medication, etc. everyday. Who’s going to pay for this??
    Our union must respond to these issues and take Con Edison to court for it’s illegal health care practices.

  3. Is this not why unions were formed? To protect the workers who make them wealthy. Where is our government and law makers? It should be a crime for what these Corperate millionaires get away with. Throwing thousands of families into the street with no pay and cutting off thier benefits which were already payed for. They give themselves raises and bonuses which are more than any of use will make in a lifetime and have collected enough money their grandchildren will be well off. Is there no sham!!!

  4. Thank you everybody for all your support. As a member of local 1-2 i ask everybody to get involved to speed up these negotiations. We have no money no insurance nothing. All we want to do is keep what we have and not lose anything. Once again I beg somebody get involved and help these two parties get on the same page, We want to get back to work with a fair deal for all. Thank you.

  5. This Lockout is wrong on so many levels it’s incomprehensible. For Con Edison to be allowed to lockout their employees. Then cease all of their health benefits with no notice. When they raking in record profits and giving themselves astronomical raises. The psc gives them rate increases the federal government gives them tax breaks. instead of rewarding a work force that made it possible to make these record profits. They show utter disrespect to employees as trying to take away their pensions raise medical contributions to insane amounts. To be allowed to cripple NYC for no reason other than corporate greed. This monopoly should not be allowed to operate in such irresponsible manner. This affects to many innocent people. This company must be regulated some what. The state should not allow a utility to run amuck and affect so many .

  6. This is what makes me a PROUD UNION MEMBER. Watch the Tide Turn now….. UWUA Local 1-2 Members reading this – *
    * NEVER FORGET-ALWAYS REMEMBER… 7-1-2012 **. Get Involved, Stay Involved, and Play it Forward! Organized Labor is the Working Persons Security! In Solidarity…. Organizer

  7. Next Wednesday, 25 July 2012 the State Assembly will holding a meeting, in Albany, regarding the lockout & all that has occurred since. Demand that your union hire buses so that employees who are able to can attend. Also write, write to everyone, everyday. There is power in numbers.

  8. Con Ed is not losing money. The recession does not effect Con Ed. They made 1 billion dollars in profit last year. CEO Kevin Burke made 11 million dollars in salary and has an 18 million dollar guaranteed pension. Why then does Con Man Edision want to take pensions away from the people who make those profits possible? Not to mention More than doubling what they pay for health care, taking away sick time and many other benefits from the employees that put their lives on the line for them. The answer is simple CORPORATE GREED!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s not let this happen. Even if you don’t belong to a union you can see how wrong this is. Every member of the middle class should be scared. If Con Man Edison gets away with this it WILL happen to you. Get involved show Big Business and the Politicians who are on the side of big business we will not take it any more. Any politician that does come out and support Labor should be voted out of office at their next election. Especially Governor No Show Cuomo. Thanks for your support.

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