Boycott the Hilton Albany Hotel

Albany, NY— On September 14th, after months of failed contract negotiations, the employees of the Hilton Albany hotel who are represented by the New York Hotel Trades Council declared a boycott and began picketing outside the hotel. The labor dispute began after the hotel’s new owner, Long Island speculator Attilio Petrocelli announced his intentions to cancel their retirement plan and to cut their vacation and bereavement benefits.

Petrocelli has also rejected the workers’ proposals to adequately remedy health and safety issues in the building, including a rodent problem in the kitchen areas. The hotel also refuses to provide what the workers consider adequate security. One housekeeper was the victim of an attempted sexual assault on the 5th floor in September.

Attilio Petrocelli also adamantly refuses to agree to the union’s standard contract language protecting workers against employment discrimination.

There is little progress in negotiations with Hilton Albany management and the dispute is expected to continue to last for many months. The 147 workers continue to picket outside the hotel every day from early morning and into the night.

Support the Boycott

You can support workers at the Hilton Albany in the following ways:

  1. Don’t cross the picket line. Click here for a list of Albany hotels where there is not a labor dispute.
  2. Sign the boycott pledge
  3. Join the workers on the picket line. If you are based in the area, or will be coming to Albany this legislative session, including organizing a lobby day, show your support by coming to the picket line. Email or call 518-314-9817 to sign up for a picket line shift.
  4. Share information about the boycott on Social Media

Since the launch of the boycott, numerous elected officials, unions and allied organizations have pledged not to cross the picket line. On October 25th, Governor Cuomo issued written orders to all state agencies not to book business at the Hilton Albany during the dispute. Most of the members of the state legislature, including all but two of 63 State Senators and 81 out of 149 Assembly members are already on record supporting the boycott. 34 out of 55 city and county elected officials in Albany have as well. Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, U.S. Senator Gillibrand and Congressman Paul Tonko have supported the workers by speaking at their rallies. The list of elected officials who support the boycott across New York State continues to grow.

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