Don’t Let Congress Strip Health Care Coverage From Working People

"I want their thoughts to be on the human beings affected by this. Cancer is not a democrat. Leukemia is not a Republican. Illness does not have a prejudice. Catastrophe is not biased — it's human,"

Senate Republicans are planning to vote soon on repealing the Affordable Care Act, and replacing it with a loosely veiled effort to gut health coverage for millions of families to deliver enormous tax cuts to corporations. If they’re successful, the fight will turn to the House once again, where New York Representatives will be the key to protecting health care for millions of hardworking Americans.

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Press Release:

We have to act now. That is why we encourage all of our members to call their Representatives and urge them to vote no on the latest Republican health care repeal plan, which would cause the following:

·         Over 20 million Americans would lose health care coverage and insurance markets could collapse

·         Corporations would gain massive tax breaks. 

·         1.45 million American jobs would be destroyed in the health care sector.

·         An age tax would allow insurers to charge older Americans as much as five times more than younger adults.

·         Medicaid funding would be cut for those who desperately need it including long-term care for America’s Seniors and more than one-third of American children.

The stakes are high, which is demonstrated in a powerful new video that we produced featuring our union brother and SAG-AFTRA member Holter Graham. In it, he eloquently speaks to how having quality coverage and the passage of the ACA saved his life.

Text ACA to 877877 to be connected with your Representative Now.

Thanks again for you help. Together we can beat back attempts to rob millions of Americans of their health care.