It’s time for Justice for Farmworkers.

Photo credit to National Farm Worker Ministry
Photo credit to National Farm Worker Ministry

Tell your State Senator to Pass the
Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act

As another session comes to a close, the State Senate has still not passed legislation to give farmworkers basic protections such as collective bargaining, an eight hour day, a day of rest, workers ’ compensation or unemployment benefits.  But there is still time to act.

Contact your State Senator TODAY, and urge them to support Farmworker rights and to urge their Leaders to bring the bill to a vote.

Call your State Senator NOW at 

  • Workers are protected when bargaining collectively…except farmworkers
  • Minimum wage is the same for youths as for adults…except farmworkers
  • Hourly laborers working more than eight hours a day get overtime…except farmworkers
  • Workers are covered by disability insurance…except farmworkers
  • Everyone has a right to a day of rest…except farmworkers
  • People working in dangerous conditions get mandatory safety training….except farmworkers (besides pesticides training, which is provided)
  • Workers in exposed extreme heat are given shortened work periods and provided areas to cool down…except farmworkers

Find out more about the except farmworkers campaign at