Labor Day 2012

**UPDATED 9/4/2012**
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 from President Mario Cilento printed in the Democrat and Chronicle

When people think of Labor Day, they most likely think of barbecues and the unofficial end of summer.

They’re missing the point.Labor, and work, is a concept that unites us all. It’s a commonality, in a world of divisive politics and rhetoric.

We rely on each other through our work. The farm worker harvests the crops that are transported by the truck driver to the neighborhood restaurant where a cook prepares food for your family to eat. The bus driver takes the construction worker to his job building the new hospital where nurses will care for countless patients. Without even being aware of it, we live these connections each and every day.

The Labor Movement is really an embodiment of those connections. At the core of a labor union is the belief that we are stronger when we come together on issues of shared concern. This belief transcends the workplace, and is just as important in an individual’s non-work life.

So many landmark changes in our country’s history came about as a result of partnerships among groups and individuals that looked past their differences and instead focused on shared experiences and aspirations – civil rights, the minimum wage, and Social Security and Medicare, just to name a few. They found a way to overcome challenges.

Clearly, we are faced with challenges today – prolonged unemployment, retirement security, and income inequality, among others. But we can accomplish great things again. The first step is recognizing that we rise and fall together.

So on this Labor Day, we should recommit ourselves, united by our shared value of work, to join together and fight for positive change.

We need each other now more than ever.

Friday, September 7th, 2012
Capital District Labor Parade and Party

Parade starts at 6PM adjacent to steps of NYS Capitol
Party with fireworks, food, live music and activities for the kids to follow at Corning Preserve
Visit their Facebook event page here.

Saturday, September 8th, 2012
New York City
Parade kicks off 10:00 AM at Fifth Avenue and 44th Street. 
Join New York City CLC on Saturday, September 8 at 10am for the longest-running Labor Day Parade in NYC history. On this day we celebrate working New Yorkers with an extended march up Fifth Avenue, featuring cranes, classic cars, floats, bands and fellow union members! For more info and to take our Solidarity Pledge go to

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Monday September 3rd: Recap

Buffalo AFL-CIO 2012 Labor Day and Picnic 

Rochester Labor Council

Great Syracuse Labor Day Parade at the State Fair

Ithaca Labor day Picnic

Albany Labor Day Picnic and Celebration