Legislative Alert – 3/24/17

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President’s Message

Injured Workers Need Our Help

The NYS AFL-CIO has always stood with workers who endure life changing injuries through no fault of their own. We will never stop fighting to make sure all workers get the medical care and adequate wage replacement they need to get back on the job or make sure they are not abandoned if they are too ill or injured to ever work again.

The workers’ compensation system was created to provide injured workers prompt access to high-quality medical care and wage replacement while protecting businesses from lawsuits when a worker is injured. For injured workers however, the system has become bogged down by expensive litigation, costly delays and unnecessary barriers to care.

Let’s make sure the hard-working men and women who go off to work each day, many doing risky jobs that keep New York’s economy moving, do so knowing we have their backs. We must improve access to benefits, remove barriers to care and enhance the ability of all workers to more easily and efficiently work within the system. Most importantly we must make sure the benefits are adequate.

Workers have a right to be protected from injury on the job and they have a right to compensation and medical care should an injury occur. It’s that simple. We urge our legislators to stand with us to make sure that will always be the case.


Mario Cilento, President

Call To Action

Monday, March 27, 2017, 1:00 p.m.

100 South Swan Street, Albany, NY

Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli will address the lobbyists.

Issue of the Week

Oppose Removing Protections for Injured Workers

A5977 Woerner/S4014 DeFrancisco

This legislation would compel the Workers’ Compensation Board to implement impairment guidelines that have not been publicly reviewed and have the potential to drastically cut schedule loss of use awards. These awards are made to some of the most severely, permanently injured workers.

Any updated guidelines must be drafted with input from all stakeholders. Issuing these guidelines without that input will hurt injured workers and employers alike.

It is important to remember; the workers’ compensation system is in place to protect businesses from lawsuits when an employee is injured. In return, the system is supposed to ensure those workers have prompt access to adequate wage replacement benefits, high-quality medical care and guaranteed, albeit relatively low, payouts for loss of use of a body part. This legislation would further whittle away at the second half of that bargain.

For further information contact Mike Neidl at 518-436-8516 or by email information@nysaflcio.org