Like an Ostrich, Con Ed Keeps its Head in the Sand

More than a thousand New Yorkers signed letters to the Public Service Commission through our website. Those letters were a big part in triggering an investigation by the public service commission into Con Edison’s Lockout of workers and it’s plan to keep their customers with power without degradation of services. Click here to read article.

Yesterday was the deadline for Con Edison’s response to the PSC. Click here to read response.

The following statement was released by Mario Cilento, President of the New York State AFL-CIO, regarding Con Ed’s response to the joint union complaint requesting a Public Service Commission investigation of the lockout:

“Like the proverbial ostrich, Con Ed continues to bury its head in the sand, denying that its needless lockout of workers is impacting services. Unfortunately for their millions of customers, those laughable claims defy logic. It is simply impossible to believe that 8,500 workers can be pulled off the job and there not be a substantial impact on quality and the ability of the company to respond to emergencies. This filing with the PSC is yet the latest example of Con Ed playing fast and loose with the well being of New Yorkers. We expect the PSC will see through their smoke and mirrors approach to corporate responsibility, thus serving the needs and safety of Con Ed customers and the general public.”