NYC CLC – Picket locations for Locked Out Con Ed Workers


Please support our UWUA Local 1-2 brothers and sisters on their picket lines. Locations below are running 24/7 until further notice. Your support and solidarity is much appreciated.


4 Irving Place, NY, NY 100003

3rd Ave Yard – 222 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

College Point Yard –  124-15 31st Avenue, Queens, NY 11354

Van Nest Yard – 1601 Bronxdale Avenue, Bronx, NY 10462

Statement from Vincent Alvarez on Con Ed Lockout

“It’s the height of hypocrisy for Con Ed to lock out workers without a moment’s notice in the early morning hours and then seek to blame the union for a situation that was entirely of the company’s own making. Local 1-2 did everything it could to avert this lockout, including offering to work without a contract to ensure that New Yorkers safety and comfort weren’t compromised. Con Ed gave its CEO a 5-year, $24.8 million compensation package, and recently upped its rates — the highest in the country — by 10%, and grossed $5 billion in profits last year. Yet it’s willing to lock its workers out rather than negotiate fairly and honestly about workers’ pensions and health care plans. All 8,500 workers would have stayed on the job and let talks continue, but Con Ed instead chose to play fast and loose with public safety.” Vincent Alvarez, President of the NYC Central Labor Council.


  1. Good luck brothers and sister,

    I am a member of Local 1320:

    I stand with you in support.

    Don’t let them take anything away.

    You derseve everything that is owed to you

  2. Why is there no mention of a Staten Island location? I am a member of Local 100 of TWU.

    • staten island is a local 3 union different union they have seperate contract and are under contract

  3. I am a member of the AFL-CIO, CSEA Locals 1000 and 614 and of AFSME and I support this union.

    By the way, the late LILCO (Long Island Lighting Company) also locked out their workers years ago and it was replaced by LIPA, the Long Island Power Authority. So, it didn’t work out so well for LILCO and it won’t work out so well for Con Ed either. There is a precedent to this situation.

  4. I’m an OPEIU member and strongly support Local 1-2. With the heat wave coming, Con Edison’s actions are nothing short of criminal and I intend to complain to my political reps (and encourage all to do so) and to walk the line with 1-2 members.

  5. this is an attack on the middle class! we must support the workers on the line! you have the support of CWA 1103

  6. I wanna thank DSNY union workers for dropping off water to us local1-2 workers Locked out bu Con Ed @College Point Yard. Thanx again my fellow union brothers and sisters class act. We are in for a long road ahead

  7. I’ll bring my sons and whoever else I can to the Irving Place line on Thursday and Friday after 5 or so. I’m L.U. 18 (DC9). Solidarity Forever!

  8. This UFT member supports all of my union brothers and sisters, especially UWUA Local 1-2 members at this difficult time.

  9. Hello, I am a proud union member of Local 1-2 that has been locked out by Con-Edison. Just want to let everyone know we are having a rally in front of Con-Ed Headquarters, 4 Irving Place in Manhattan (Near Union Square) on Thursday 7/5 @ 8:00 am. We are calling in all our forces and supporters to this location. Would love for anyone who can make it to join us. Bring a banner or sign naming your local so we can show that unions stand together, side by side! Also want to thank everyone for all your support. Union Pride at it’s best!!! In Solidarity…

  10. There is also a picket location at the Astoria Yard,31-01 20th AVE.JOIN UWUA LOCAL 1-2, 7/5/12, 8AM AT 4 IRVING PL FOR OUR UNION RALLY AGAINST CORPORATE GREED.WHATEVER IT TAKES!

  11. Lets go guys come down to 4 irving place tom at 8am. Lets let everybody know the union men and women are for real. We keep america running we deserve the respect we have not gotten for years. Come join us to show Con Ed show New York and show America we are one and will do Whatever It Takes. Thank You from a proud Local 1-2member.


    F^&% THEM

  13. I am a CWA member local 1109. My Brother is with UWA 1-2. Please spread the word to unite
    our cause and preserve the Middle Class. It is unfortunate that Corportate Greed motivates this struggle. It sends a clear message that although none of our utilities will be reduced. These Companies like Verizon, (Wireless and Landline), Con Edison, National Grid, keep crying about their loses and keep raising their prices, and increasing their CEO’s payouts. The middle class is being directly destroyed by this
    practice of the uber rich. Keep reducing salaries, benefits, pensions, no one will be able to afford anything anymore. No one is asking for more, we just want to keep what we have.

  14. they tried to break us in 1983 and it didnt work. I am a retired employee of Con Ed and I stand behind my brothers. Good Luck and stay safe.

  15. Hello my Union brothers and sisters. I am a member of Local 434 District 15 I.A.M.A.W. and I stand behind you 100%. I hope that you guys get everything that you are asking for. It is terrible what Con-Ed is doing. I too know what it is like in these rough times as I have not worked in over a year. I wish you all the best.

  16. I have to agree with Vincent Alvarez. For Con Ed to lock out workers shows it’s complete and utter disregard to the collective bargaining process. All unions have been under attack by big business for many years now and it’s coming to a head. If we as union members and union officials don’t come together and stand against these attacks we are destined to fall. Unions throughout our country have offered concessions in this economy and those concessions have been scoffed at by the employers, it seems no matter what you offer it’s never enough. Our members middle class America. It is apparent the rich want to wipeout the middle class not realizing or caring that we are the ones that keep the economy from completely collapsing. Now is the time for us as union members to say enough is enough. We will not tolerate these attacks. We must stand together .

  17. There is a Westchester picket location, take the Saw Mill Pkwy to exit 23, Hawthorne and head east and you will see the picket line at the gate entrance.

  18. shop steward van nest gas engineering
    great job to all the business agents and harry
    company greed must stop
    the fight is on
    also all the best to john duffy and langford thanks for your support

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