Tell Congress: “Don’t Mess with the 40-hour workweek. Hands off my overtime!”


Tell Congress: “Don’t mess with the 40-hour workweek. Hands off my overtime!”

The House of Representatives has renewed its decades-old attack on the 40-hour workweek. Once again, some members of Congress are pushing so-called “comp time” legislation that would allow employers to stop giving workers any extra pay for overtime work.

H.R. 1406, the so-called “Working Families Flexibility Act” would take away “Overtime Pay” and replace it with “Comp Time”.   This bill is not about providing employees with greater flexibility, but rather about providing employers with greater flexibility to not pay overtime!

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) established the 40-hour workweek to allow employees to spend more time away from work and encourage employers to hire more staff when workloads increase. The “Working Families Flexibility Act” however would encourage employers to demand longer hours because it would allow employers to receive the benefits of overtime work at no additional cost. Employers could pay workers nothing at all for overtime when the work is performed, and schedule “compensatory time” only at their convenience. Under H.R. 1406, mandatory overtime would become cheaper for employers and result in more unpredictable work schedules and higher day care costs for workers.

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  1. With all the problems in America why is this type of legislation even considered? Please vote against and show your displeasure with the corporations trying to legislate work rules.

  2. You must oppose hr1406 change to FLSA. I t is harmful to the working person living in your district.

  3. This is an important issue that must be defended. The research shows that we, the people, deliver better results when we are compensated fairly, and when we have ample free time to think, and engage in activities that are not related to work. For example, read Drive by Daniel Pink. Defend the 40 hour work week for us and our children. This appears to be another attempt by some unreasonable people at promoting the plantation mentality let’s move forward, not backward!

  4. The so called middle class are taking hit after hit!!! “LEAVE THE 40 HOUR WEEK ALONE”

  5. I support your philosophies. I believe that the Republicans have no right to take away our 40 hour week. I know that if men and women commence right now in doing what is right, all of our economic problems, social problems, religious problems, and health problems can be remedied. I believe the Republicans are a major part of the seed and the derivatives of many of the United States’ people’s economic and social chaos. I know that our economic, social, and health crises did not occur over night; instead, we have allowed these crises to grow out of proportion and out of perspective.

    Now, we all are confused, confound, in profound depression, and despair. We all know the resolution; but we are obstinate, especially, the Republicans and the wealthy wealthy.

  6. Many companies already have salaried positions where employees are exploited with work weeks over 40 hours with no additional compensation. Comptime is meaningless unless you can have time off. And, let’s not forget that most places that already give comptime trade hour for hour, not time-and-a-half. What next, abolish holiday pay?

  7. Seriously??? This is absurd. Why doesn’t congress want to lower their pay or benefits? Why not tackle the serious problems like gun control and jobs and immigration and a hundred other issues! Schools, tuitions, getting help to those who need it…. On and on!!! These people should have term limits. And don’t get me started on lobbyist! They run things in Washington!!! I’d like to know all the kickbacks given to congress to pass their laws and to knock them down! I’m so angry I could spit!!!!!

  8. This is yet one more step to neo-feudalism for U.S. workers by the Wall Street/Corporate lackeys in Congress. They want us all to be their 21st century serfs.

  9. I simply cannot believe that Congress is even contemplating giving a scintilla of their time to this legislation. Corporations have managed to keep people’s wage increases stagnant for the past 30 years so that now, the entire middle class is behind the eight ball. Congress should be legislating for corporations to bring wages in line with the attendant rise in the cost of living over the past thirty years not giving them the opportunity to make things worse for the working man.

    I have observed that the Congress is not backward in voting themselves raises and making sure their health care and pensions are kept up with the cost of living allowance. But then Congress is paid by the tax payers not a corporation! Perhaps they should show the people paying their wages the same consideration that they proffer themselves!

  10. The idea that overtime pay would be optional means that people would be forced to work without pay. How is this possible?

  11. Big corporations and big business in the State of New York, workers want to strangle their own state. It is time that our parliamentarians, reject this law and tell the owners of the corporations and businesses that the days of slavery past is history. This is a country with labor laws and institutions very well structured so we have to put them to work for the benefit of our people and not of sectors with economic interests. Say no to law HR1406, Say no to the decline of labor gains that the workers of this country have achieved with much sacrifice and struggle to give their families a better life and fair …….

  12. I can agree with this, but on a few conditions…

    * Because my alarm wakes me up at 8am so I can get ready for work, my employer should compensate me for the time it takes to get ready for work (within reason; 30 mins).
    * Because I get in my car and drive 45mins to get to work in traffic so I can be there on time, I should be compensated for this time.
    * Because I get in my car and drive 45mins home in traffic, I should be compensated for this time.
    * Any day that I work more than 8 hours, I should get 1 extra hour paid vacation time.

    This should be paid regardless of overtime or not.

    • By some estimates, Americans are considered the “hardest and best workers” in the World. And currently, averaging some 43-44 hours a work week now. Obviously, not Union. Which is part of the problem, Since the “Trickle Down” Regean years, our Unions have gone from about 30 percent of our Work Force (Creating the largest Middle Class in the World), to 7-10 percent of the American work force now. Today, It takes two incomes to support a family, and maybe 80 hours of work or more for the family to support it’s-self. Enough, is Enough…. Get Active!

  13. because of our gov., our economy is shot. you raise our taxes, raise the tolls, lowered the quality of our health benefits, now we have to pay more for it, lowered the quality of our lives, we have to take a cut in pay because of you, your always know what’s best for us but not for you, you stole our social security money and now you tell us it’s going bankrupted. so why don’t you just put us in a slave labor camp and get it over with. I better not hear that you clowns are giving yourself another raise.

  14. Leave our wages alone we don’t make a lot they should go after the people with the big bucks stop hurting people who are just trying to take care of their family and by the way they already cut our wages and we don’t get overtime anyway congress should stop supporting the drug attics and the convicts and supporting other country stop taking taxes payer money

  15. The rich Americans want to continue Showing off in their luxury cars and yachts living in their luxurious mansions and send their children to good schools and good private universities, taking a vacation in the exotic islands of the Caribbean and staying in luxurious hotels, doing big parties for them and his friends walking in a private jet eating in good restaurants and having all the luxuries and have been at the sacrifice and the exploitation of workers in the American people. That’s because the American state has refused to put a stop to all of them and make him understand that this country is not a heritage of the rich and that wealth should be better balanced because the distance between rich and poor in American society today is the longest and largest of all countries of the world.

  16. Due to this terrible economy, cost of living is outpacing our wage increases, (if we are lucky enough to get one) . Over the last few years, millions of us have become reliant on overtime pay, and now these senseless republicans want to remove overtime? Who will provide me with a 2nd job in order to compensate? It seems this country is going backwards at an alarming pace. STOP THE BS !

  17. Scumbags thieves and liars that is what congress is. They don’t work for us they work for corporate America our system has been corrupted completely! I wonder how
    Long it will be until voters wake up and revolt? Seems we have lost many rights and no one gets upset enough to do anything about it… Soon it will be too late they have won and we are screwed your and kids are really screwed!!’

  18. It’s bad enough there are so many lower wage jobs that get away with paying e overtime wages for overtime worked, ow they want the skilled workers to work slave hours for no reward for their hard work. Let congress do something about all the lazy people who refuse to work so they can live off the welfare roles, that are funded by the workers that are at risk of losing their overtime pay if congress passes this ridiculous bill. The overtime wage brings plenty of extra tax money to pay for the drains on society that vote in those very members trying to pass this. Seeeeesh

  19. Aw sucks, I wish these politicians would quit worrying about me so much. Seems every time they try and “help” we end up worse off and they make out like bandits. I’m starting to think maybe they don’t have my best interest in mind… scumbags.

  20. They seem to work NO time, but they don’t think we should get paid for working overtime. When you’re not getting paid for it, there will be plenty of it, and then your co-workers will be dismissed because you are doing their job for free.
    Where do they get their nerve?

  21. Let’s close off the spigot called corporate welfare. What a waste of taxpayer money to give subsidies to Big Oil and other companies that are profitable, and don’t need the money!! THAT, my friends, is the REAL welfare issue! My state’s auditor goes after the ineligibles, let her do her job, and let those who DO need welfare get the help so they can feed their families. Keeping kids from going hungry is more important than ANY corporate subsidy, and if a family is eligible for welfare and they need it, they should have it.

    Finally, let’s make WORK PAY! Well I am preaching to the choir here LOL. I hope this crazy law is not passed.


  22. My employer has a large amount of overtime that some of us work to cover short staffing. There are several others that do not work any. If I am not getting extra money I would not want overtime. This also would financially hurt those of us that work and force people to work that have other business ventures overtime would interfere with.

  23. Why are we attack people with low wages who is trying to make a living. Our wages are getting small everyday while everything around us is cost us more to life a comforted life with our family. Leave the overtime alone

  24. By some estimates, Americans are considered the “hardest and best workers” in the World. And currently, averaging some 43-44 hours a work week now. Obviously, not Union. Which is part of the problem, Since the “Trickle Down” Regean years, our Unions have gone from about 30 percent of our Work Force (Creating the largest Middle Class in the World), to 7-10 percent of the American work force now. Today, It takes two incomes to support a family, and maybe 80 hours of work or more for the family to support it’s-self. Enough, is Enough…. Get Active!

  25. All politicians wake up you keeping demoralizing the hard working middle class workers and see what happens when re-election comes your way. Just back up and start supporting the majority class that made this once great nation. Do you bozo’s see the direction that our leaders are leading us done. It’s time for middle AMERICA to stand up and tell this greedy crooked politicians if you set us back we can stand together and set you back. WORKERS OF AMERICA STAND TOGETHER

  26. Let’s not return to the nineteenth century, please!
    This is not democracy, but corporatocracy–the people are not fooled by this.

  27. How do you think we Pay for our way of
    living like food, fuel, health care, education and the higher taxes on goverment deductions you impose on our
    payroll taxes! Please leave us alone.

  28. It’s hard enough to make ends meet and the rich still want to get richer off of the backs of their labor. You keep on raising our taxes and expect us to be able to pay them with reduced wages and not overtime. Are you stupid or what? We pay taxes on the overtime we earn.

  29. Leave our 40 hour work week alone leave our over time alone. we voted you in and will sure the hell vote your ass out. we earned the money we get paid unlike you. we the people pay you with our taxes which is way to much for what little you make the laws that you brake your not above the law no matter whether your a senator or congressmen or president non of you are above the law.

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