President’s Message – June 18th, 2012

President’s Message

We Need Action Not Prose

On Thursday, June 14, 2012, the Albany Times Union published an editorial entitled “Remember the Middle Class?,” which observes that median family income and net worth have plummeted and Americans are deep in debt.  They go on to call for a presidential campaign that focuses on the restoration of the middle class.

The TU is right, but we need action not prose.

The labor movement has done more than just point out the erosion of the middle class, we have actually tried to stop its deconstruction and help rebuild it.  That’s why union members from every region of the state and from every sector and industry are fighting to defend and restore a secure retirement for all.  That’s why we fight for economic programs that actually produce good jobs and include adequate protections like prevailing wage in construction, wage standards for permanent jobs, transparency, and claw backs.  That’s why we fight for the right of workers to have a voice on the job, and for those who can’t fight for themselves like farm workers.  That’s why we fight for strong programs for all workers, such as unemployment, workers’ compensation, temporary disability, and family leave.

We welcome the TU’s editorial, but we need the press and our elected officials to do more than just point out obvious problems. New Yorkers need solutions that provide economic security for all workers because the future of our state and our country is dependent on a strong and vibrant middle class.

Mario Cilento, President

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