Tell Congress: Protect Our Future

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Across-the-board budget cuts—called sequestration—will cost more than 1 million jobs this year and many more jobs over the next decade. There is a simple solution to make this problem go away: repeal sequestration. It is that simple.

Republicans are using sequestration as leverage to get their way in Congress. They want to cut Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare benefits and gut essential services working people depend on, while protecting tax breaks for Wall Street and the richest 2% of Americans.

The solution is to repeal sequestration—not replace it—so we can put these manufactured crises behind us and focus on the urgent problems of putting America back to work, raising wages and reducing economic inequality. 

CDSequestrationOn March 20th hundreds of New Yorkers stood in the cold to tell congress that enough is enough. We need jobs not more cuts. Thank you to everyone who came out. Please take a moment to call Congress and keep up the pressure, tell them to repeal sequestration today.

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  1. Enough is enough. It is time to do the right thing! Social Security, Medicare and/or Medicaid need to be protected. I have worked most of my life (25 + years), paid my fair share for these programs, and it is unacceptable to cut them. The American voters are watching closely to see who will and will not follow through appropriately.

    The wealthiest can carry there fair share as well.
    Please follow your conscience and work together to solve these issues. That was why you were elected!

  2. Social Secuity and Medicare are not entitlements. They are insurance plans. We the People have paid into these programs throughout our work lives. Your help is needed to protect and strengthen these programs. Let Congress make no law which does not apply to themselves first.

    • I agree…our representatives should be paying into the SS system and the insurance systems just as the rest of the nation’s citizens have to.

  3. I agree absolutely with the comment of Charles J. Kristich, above. I have paid into Social Security since I started working in 1959. I have paid into Medicare since its inception. The Republicans are agitating for an insurance scam.

  4. Who’s kidding who?

    Congressional Budget Office figures show how high the debt has risen under each of the most recent presidents:

    Bush I——54%
    Bush II—–72%

  5. We have voted for no cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The 2% tax cuts for the rich should be repealed.

  6. When I hear the head of the Tea Party on the radio talking about how we need to get rid of “unfunded entitlements” like Medicare and Social Security it truly amazes me that anyone in that position could be that ignorant not to mention arrogant.

  7. What was the election for if not to instruct Congress on the direction that Americans want to go? If not for the recent redistricting, more members of congress would have got the boot.

  8. I continue to support no cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. These are programs that I have paid into since 1968. It is time for us to receive our benefits.
    Tax cuts to the riches 2% should not be renewed.

    Protect the middle class. We are shrinking!!

  9. The bottom line is mathmatic…raise the Social Security level of payment ceiling to $250,000 per year for all and the problem goes away. The people who make the lower salaries will not be affected and those who will be affected can afford the extra $9800 a year if the ceiling goes up & they make the top amount of $250,000.

  10. If congress has not gotten the message to protect the middle class and save social security and medicare; than we will have to collectively pull togehter and vote them out of office

  11. Social Security and Medicare should be fully funded and spared from any budget cuts indefinitely. Standard of living and job creation and protection legislation is needed and must be given the highest priority to guarantee life and liberty for America’s working people.

  12. common sense dictates:

    1. one effective way to cut the costs of medicare and medicaid would be investing in clean energy. Coal, fracking and nuclear energy cause desease and untimely deaths.

    2. Social Security coffiers would re-swell if people were put back to work. In addition, many would be moved from the rolls of medicaid to paying medicare payments.

    3. In addition, any discussion of cuts to the entitlements to pay down the deficit before putting people back to work and re assessing the financial situation would fly in the face of common sense and the goal of rebuilding the middle class.

  13. A century ago, many seniors – mostly widows with no skills beyond housekeeping and child-rearing – died in poverty because they no longer had an income. Social Security changed all that. It’s by no means perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better than nothing. It’s time to step up to the plate and protect those who need it most.

  14. Are you kidding me??? I’m glad they have the $$$ an TIME to do this while the rest us go to work to make them rich. Entitled to a system that I PAID into? Hell yeah!

  15. The fight goes on for benefits that we have worked for, but it is a fight worth having. Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of worker!!

  16. We want medicare, social security and medicaid not to be touched. 63% of people on medicaid are the elderly in nursing homes. Most people cannot afford long term nursing care insurance. Alzheimers is now the sixth leading cause of death in the u.s. There are six million people with this disease. We need to protect people who are less fortunate than others.

  17. Why do the Republicans NOT GET IT? Are they that far removed from reality? They still believe in the bare-faced lies Mitt Romney and company told them.Obama WON, and the Americans who voted for him said it loud and clear: No cuts to SS, Medicare, Medicaid and the other programs we the people pay for, because they help those so ill-treated by the rich in this country, as to need a helping hand now and then!

    • …. it is far beyond Democrat and Republican views now. Does anyone really think that Obama is doing anything to support Unions ? Both parties ultimately want Unions gone. The Democrats just want to make it LOOK like they tried to help…. look up Gerald Celente on youtube…. fascinating dude tells it like it is and he’s fearless

  18. Time for democrats and Pres. Obama to pony up for labor, we backed them for two elections no give backs on social security, medicare or medicaid,Bush tax cuts for the wealthy should expire.

  19. This family supports President Obama’s plan to end the national debt. Extend the Bush tax cuts for those with incomes less than $250,000.00; no cuts to Social Security, medicaid or medicare. Thank you.

  20. Every time I hear some nonsense that Romney says… It solidifies why I voted for OBAMA!

  21. It’s time to hold our Democratic & Independent representatives’ feet to the fire. We elected (or re-elected) them to represent US. We want NO CUTS in benefits to Social Security, Medicaid, or Medicare. We must make sure that President Obama knows that we re-elected him to stand FIRM on these issues! Call them, write to them, sign petitions. Make sure they know! If you have a GOP representative, make sure they know you will hold them accountable in the next election if they do not vote to raise taxes on the top 2% or if they try to get any cuts to these programs. Keep calling, keep writing, never let up! NO deal is better than a BAD deal—better to go “off the cliff.”

  22. This is a crucial point in history for the replenishment of our country’s depleted middle class. Restoring fair taxation rates for the obscenely prosperous top 2% will do a great deal toward reducing the national debt.
    Cutting the social safety net will do little or nothing toward that end and will cause untold suffering for millions of people who are already struggling.

  23. Anything that seniors loose would not be
    enforced unless the members of Congress
    loose similar benefits. They are living
    high off the hog (American middle class).
    We elect these people for 2, 4 or 6 years
    and then they forget who got them there.
    Not the Democratic or Republican party,
    but we the people of this country..

  24. Our representatives in Congress and the Executive branch must take action to protect the standard of living for all working Americans. The days of giving back as a matter of course are long gone. Reality is proving that the economy cannot bear these outrageous proposals of further reductions to social security, medicare and medicaid without concessions from the rich for increased income tax.

  25. If there wasn’t misuse of Social Security money by the government there would be sufficient funds in the system and Social Security would not be near bankruptcy . we are unable take care of our citizens . Why not give all Americans the same benefits package Congress gets.

  26. It is imperative that the so-called 98% be protected from “reform” of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Fairness demands that those who have benefitted the most from our tax system be made to pay their fair share and cost cutting be applied in a sensible way so as not to further burden the rest of us. Seniors and people @ the bottom of the economy should stand up and fight for their rights.

  27. Protecting the wealthiest Americans WILL NOT create jobs, protect our poor, or our elderly. People who earn more or have more, should pay their FAIR SHARE of taxes and not put a burden on the poor and middle class. It is a fact that a strong economy will only come about where there is a strong and viable middle class.

  28. John Adams , Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and others warned of this exact scenario… and basically suggested that if the people don’t PHYSICALLY toss these greedy f$%#s out on their arses when they get out of hand, we deserve what we get. I am as guilty as the next guy for not having the testicles to rally my friends and neighbors to grab our pitchforks and charge. Federal, State and Local

  29. Why is Congress still debating about this just DO IT. Hopefully IF the Rich paid their dues they could still reap the benefits of this GOD GIVEN EARTH!!! B’cause The Poor Shall Inherit The Earth.. It is the RIGHTEOUS THING 2 DO. The BIBLE says..

  30. I am sick and tired of being sick and tire. We are the 99% of the 47% Romney talked about and we have a right to our entitltlements that we have worked our entire lives for. No further cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, Tax the Haves and the Rich.

  31. I am all in favor of cutting entitlements….. for the polticians. Just think how much that would save. Also, the government should pay back all the money that was embezzled from the S.S. Trust Fund. Cutting the payroll tax is rapidly reducing the money that was going into the trust fund. Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.

  32. Under no circumstances should programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid be cut. These programs provide essential medical services to the poor and elderly.
    What is needed is more federal revenue. Congress and the President should impose a 20% revenue tariffs on all goods and service imported into this country, except for petroleum products. This will generate sufficient funds to reduce the deficit and protect essential federal programs.

  33. Which congressmen/congresswomen or senator would submit a bill to reduce the mandate of compensation to any legislator if a balanced budget is not in place in accordance with the Constitution?

  34. NO cuts to the Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security! DO cut wasteful Pentagon spending, and DO cut out the loopholes and tax breaks the rich and the big corporations use to stash their money. And DO institute a comprehensive JOBS program along with comprehensive immigration reform.

  35. Do not cut the benefits that working people deserve when they age or are infirm-ed such as Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security! If we need to cut some thing lets start with The Congress’s health care and pension plans, that would be a start to help balance the budget and they would understand what it would feel like to be under attack by being threatened to loose something they feel they deserve.

  36. enough is enough protect our s.s& medicare& does’nt matter tea party’republicans even if they try to steal the next election,taking away or altering these benifits will be harmful for their reelection because democrats or progressive&republicans or tea party republicans are receipents of these think hard&long so you won’t be wrong.

  37. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people should be doing it’s job to protect and serve the people. Congress has broken the social contract.

  38. This is how you can contribute to this fight:
    a. www. and sign Grayson’s petition to democratic members of congress advising then that you support the “Cancel the Sequester”.
    this is a well organized site with easy to follow instructions. It would require a few important phone calls…(all information including telephone numbers on site). “thank” Congress people who signed the petition to “Cancel the Sequester of 2013 HR900)

    2. ask those that have not signed to please sign ask Congressional leaders who have not as yet co sponsored John Convey’s Cancel Act to consider being a co sponser….

    4. .and also call senators…to start a petition in the senate.

  39. Grayson also has a ‘Protect Social Security Insurance, Medicare Insurance, Medicaid, and entitlements. (Please note I separated S.S and Medicare because they are paid for Insurances and addressing them as entitlements is one reason they are so often, so easily and so unfairly threatened. Obama offered to put S.S. (COLI increases) on the table, which means as the prices of services and goods inflate the increases will decrease.
    Please sign this petition on

  40. In addition, the Congressional Progressive Caucus is presenting a counter to Ryan’s budget….The Progressives budget revolves around stopping the talk about the manufactured crisis…(the figures the deficit is based on are highly inflated projections. The real figures from the feds showed the deficit has not been as low since the Clinton years. In February 240,000 jobless people found tax paying jobs that took them off UI, off welfare, off food stamps. The health care costs thanks to Obamacare were also greatly reduced)
    Thus the Congressional Progressive Caucus’s budget is based on putting people back to work to pay down the remaining deficit and to prepare America for the 21st Century.

    Austerity will not bring prosperity….
    Jobs will…..

    So, call, write, e mail…..make people aware of this budget..which would best service us and our country.

  41. Vigil Against Sequestration & Ryan Budget
    258 Genesee Street (in front of Rep. Hanna’s Office),
    Utica, NY 13502 (opposite from the Stanley Performing Arts Center)
    Wednesday, 03/20/2013 – 4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

    Join the March 20 National Day of Action: Repeal the Sequester and Stop the Ryan Budget.

    Central New York Citizens in Action, Citizen Action of New York, Organizing for Action, MoveOn and a coalition of community and labor groups will be holding a vigil against Sequestration Cuts & Ryan Budget in front of Representative Hanna’s Office.

    We’ll put a human face on the sequester: services reduced or eliminated, workers losing their jobs, communities impacted, small businesses jeopardized.

    It is important that we send Representative Hanna a message: Cancel the Cuts and Stop the Ryan Budget.

    Alternate location in case of inclement weather: DeSales Neighborhood Center, 309 Genesee St., Utica (corner of Eagle Street, across the street from the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute).

    What you can do to help:
    Please forward this email to supporters of this action and ask your organization to serve as a co-sponsor.

    Also, you can help us find speakers to talk about the impact of the cuts (3-5 minutes long), making signs, making digital video recordings and making digital photos we can put on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter during the event, providing bullhorns or microphones battery power), making phone calls to invite organizations and persons.

    Thank you for your support.

    More information : John Furman, 315-725-0974

  42. Save the full reimbusement of IRMMA medical premiums. We have worked thirty three years for this benefit . At this time of our lives we are desperately in need of this benifit. I can’t afford private jets etc like the politicians or other hugh perks. I trained student minds not rendering monies from pockets of the people!

  43. repeal sequestration – it only hurts our students and staff…remember that our children are our future!!!

  44. Once you’ve earned $113,700 in a calendar year, you no longer have to contribute to SS – if anything, those income level people should certainly continue paying because they can well afford to, but instead, it’s the lower income people like myself that are paying more to keep SS going. If I earned $113,700+, I would think the SS system was working just fine by me! As for the rest of us – I believe Marie Antoinette famously quoted to the starving – “Let Them Eat Cake.” I’m choking on cake.

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