Help Save Good Jobs – Repower Dunkirk and Cayuga Power Plants

Everyone is talking about the need for good jobs, but too often rhetoric and action fail to meet.  The same is true in the debate over the need for more power to fuel our state’s economy and the countervailing resistance to do what’s necessary to maintain and enhance our power infrastructure.  Case in point on both these issues is the discourse on repowering the Dunkirk and Cayuga plants with natural gas.

Click here and tell the PSC to repower the plants!

Dunkirk and Cayuga are home to good, union jobs; they are exactly the type of family-sustaining, middle class jobs that should be the goal of economic development programs throughout our state.  Moreover, these plants are a critical part of the local tax base, which supports vital services that New Yorkers depend on, such as police, fire and schools.

In addition to new sources, our goal should be keeping existing power on the grid and rebuilding our transmission infrastructure to resolve congestion issues.  Power from Upstate and Western New York is desperately needed in New York City and it’s suburbs, and we should be focused on making that supply and demand meet.

For jobs – private sector, public sector, and building trades, and for the future of the power grid, there is only one choice: repower Dunkirk and Cayuga.

Mario Cilento

President NYS AFL-CIO