Shield Our Fields

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 9.55.45 PM“Shield Our Fields”

Farmworker Equality Tour

2012 Robert F. Kennedy
Human Rights Laureate Librada Paz
State Wide Tour for Farmworker Justice

Ms. Librada Paz, the 2012 RFK Human Rights Laureate, lead a group of farmworker across New York State on a Shield Our Fields Farmworker Equality Tour starting in New York City on Saturday April 6th and ending Saturday April 13th in Brockport. The tour is a part of the Justice for Farmworkers Campaign’s efforts to ensure that farmworkers are treated equally under New York State Labor Law. 

Since the 1930’s farmworkers in New York have been excluded from the basic labor rights afforded all other workers including: overtime pay, protection while bargaining collectively, a day of rest and disability insurance. The Tour seeks to educate, raise awareness and gain support for the Campaign’s efforts to have the New York State Legislature pass the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act A1792/ S1743.

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“Rural and Migrant Ministries has just wrapped up their Farmworker Tour across New York State led by Librada Paz. Five farmworkers joined Librada showing amazing leadership and courage. They not only spoke out repeatedly, but they also worked hard to reach out to other workers -with an eye toward the future. The next step is the farmworker assembly in Ithaca on May 5th.”

“The tour was filled with numerous presentations, meetings with senators, press conferences, vigils, marches, and meetings with farmworkers across the State. I am especially pleased with the impact we appeared to have in several senate districts, and already we are hearing about movement of a couple undecided senators.”

“I thank you for your support and participation.”

Rev. Richard Witt
Rural and Migrant Ministries

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