Stop Fast Track

Hell-no-TPPCongress just introduced a Fast Track bill that will allow massive trade deals to be negotiated behind closed doors. If Fast Track passes, it would virtually guarantee the passage of trade deals that will ship jobs overseas and sell out US workers for corporate profit.

Call your members of Congress and tell them to oppose Fast Track because it’s undemocratic and will drive down wages for workers like you.

Text TPP to 877877 now to be connected to your representative!

“This is a bad deal for working men and women in New York State and across the country and it needs to be stopped now,” said NYS AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento in a statement today in response to the Trade Promotion Authority agreement being introduced in Congress today.

“New York’s trade deficit exceeded $47 billion in 2014. The last thing we can afford is another bad deal that lowers wages and outsources jobs. Congress must reject Fast Track and maintain its constitutional authority and leverage to improve the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other trade deals.”

“The Labor Movement is united in standing up for good jobs, better working conditions and higher wages while Congress considers legislation that will speed through corporate-driven trade deals that put American jobs at risk.”

“Under Fast Track, or Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) Congress would be relegated to being a rubber stamp to any agreement. We have seen how fast-tracked trade deals in the past have cost American workers more than 1 million jobs and contributed to the closing of more than 60,000 factories.”

“We expect the members of New York’s Congressional Delegation to understand how vital this is for the future of our country. They must do the right thing and stand up for working people instead of supporting job-killing policies.”

Join us in telling New York’s Congressional Delegation to do the right thing by texting TPP to 877877.