Strike Support/Picket Locations


Strike Support/Picket Locations
All Locations will be staffed 24/7 – peak times to support are 6am-4pm

Picket Line Do’s & Dont’s

**Tweed Courthouse Picket Extended**
Join the members of ATU 1181 in picketing the Department of Education, located at 52 Chambers St. in Manhattan anytime between 8:30am and 5:30pm, Monday through Friday as they demand the Mayor put our children’s safety first.

Department of Education
52 Chambers Street
Manhattan, NY
Monday – Friday
8:30am and 5:30pm


Atlantic Express Co. – Ridgewood
46-81 Metropolitan Avenue
Ridgewood, NY 11385
Subway – L (Jefferson St & Wyckoff Ave)

Atlantic Express Co. – Jamaica
107-10 180th Street
Jamaica, NY 11433
Bus – Q42 (177th St & 106th Ave)
Boro Transit
50 Snediker Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207
Subway – L (Atlantic Ave)

Reliant Transportation – Greenpoint
297 Norman Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Bus – B48 (Hausman St & Norman Ave)
 –  –
Lonero Transit
2350 Hermany Avenue
Bronx, NY 10462
(Office entrance on Hermany Ave., bus yard around corner on Zerega Ave.)
Subway – 6 (Castle Hill Ave)
Pioneer Transportation – Staten Island
2890 Arthur Kill Road
Staten Island, NY 10309
Bus – S84/S74 (Arthur Kill Rd)

Check back at for more information as the situation develops.  Please share your observations, experiences & photographs by emailing the New York City CLC at


  1. As an MTA NYC Transit worker, I know what it’s like to strike for what you are striving for and what is just. You have my FULL support, and the support of many of my fellow TWU Local 100 Transit Workers throughout the 5 Boros of New York City! We’ll be there marching with you and helping Local 1181 remain Strong and Proud!



    • I agree, he has so much money the Mayor, why doesn’t he put some of his money to the school system. I am a school bus driver, driving for over 20 years, We have familes too! How dare the Mayor do this to the kids and take away their safety and want to get anyone to drive and care for these kids on the bus! We just went through H-SANDY, Some parents, drivers matrons and Still not even back in their homes yet!
      What a DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have 7 year working as a driver for local 1181 and I have never had an accident. I am a professional and care for the kids.

  5. I was a Member of local 1181 and I stand bye you Fight all the way don’t give in You deserve it ! You are professionals not someone that they just picked off the street You are well-trained !!!

  6. You can also picket at the following locations to show your support for the 1181 family

    1) Grandpa’s bus company
    432 Zerega Ave, Bronx
    2) Logan bus company
    1616 Stillwell Ave, Bronx
    3) Logan bus company
    1310 Oak Point Avenue

  7. Unbelieveable! I just heard that this mayor is willing to simply loose 250 million dollars that could have been obtained in school aid if a teacher evaluation plan could have been negotiated with the teachers union and although he stated it was very close, his administration was unable to reach an agreement because he does not want the plan to expire in 2 years and have the next mayor re-negotiate — what a control freak! How unreasonable and unflexible is this administration! On the one hand they are picking on the school bus drivers using the false excuse that they want to save money to feed back into the school system yet they are so quick to loose $250 million dollars of school aid because they dont want to compromise! What a BULLY and a disgrace of an administration! Truly they are out of touch with the hard working public! UNREAL! To make matters worse, I saw on channel 7 at 4pm a caption stating that the union had walked out of negotiations, which according to Mr. Walcott himself is untrue. Mr. Walcott stated that he and the UFT were in talks until 3am this morning and never mentioned that the UFT “walked out”, news channels have to be careful that the information they post are facts since the public is counting on accuracy of the news reported.

  8. Brothers and sisters, as a NYC public school parent and educator/PSC-AFT member, I stand with you! This mayor has repeatedly shown he cares nothing about our children or their education, just as long as they are not the children of the 1%. Rather, his administration has targeted them for cutbacks and austerity in his one-sided class war since day 1. If you stand firm and we stand together, we’ll win. Give him hell!

  9. I am a school bus matron for 9 years and a local 1181 union member since 2003 my training is to care and get the childen on the bus two and from school saftey that is the main goal of our job as bus drivers and matrons.

  10. mr mayor, you are destroying the lives of the parents and children of new york. Many of these parents have very sick children who cannot take public transportation, and you are offering them a metro card? shame on you

  11. Unions are what built this country! Learn your history & you will see that when Unions were at their strongest, our COUNTRTY was at it’s strongest! If it weren’t for Unions, there would be no such benefits as “Weekends”, Paid holidays or sick days!. America needs to wake up & support the working people, NOT the Corporate Pigs who sit on their ass all day & get MILLIONS. Why is it that the people who actually “DO” the work ALWAYS get the short end of the stick?! We support the Bus Drivers & Matrons! Don’t Give Up the fight!

  12. I need that job to supply all in my house why the mayor wants to be more poor reducing my salary no jobs security no medical no pension thats no fear!

  13. This mayor already have his millions so he don’t gives a dam about any one else.
    If u all take a good look at this mayor, u all would see that the only thing that is missing is the two horns.(on his head)
    He want to save the money for himself and his friends….
    We all know that they are not spending no more money in nyc school than what they are spending already.
    As a matter of fact, they want to stop spending money into the school system as we speak…u can tell that its true, just look at how many school this mayor closed, and how many more is on the list to be closed.
    And they talking about they want to save money so that they can spend more into the school….who the mayor and his friends is trying to fool…mr mayor do the right thing, if not for the bus drivers, do it for the children of new York city, because they are the ones that is traveling on those buses….SAFETY ABOVE EVERY THING……

  14. we need everyones helps please we have a piket lines at 5381 kings hw corner of foster ave parents friends others workers we need your supports

  15. In case anyone is interested, there is a scab bus operation being run out of a parking lot in Staten Island, near the corner of Bay Str and Jersey Str.

  16. As I was former student during MS 104 and High School for Environmental Studies, I have depend on school bus, especially good driver on Jofaz Transportation. I also depend on school bus during GHI Junior Tennis Parade called Kids Around the Parade. I will come to every Strike locations to support all unions win fight for senior drivers who has more experience need to be protected. If drivers aren’t protected, it will be like Veolia NICE Bus, because Veolia is hiring new inexperience drivers on NICE who gets lost, overshoot bus stops, don’t know timespoint on Nassau County Bus System.
    I came for all senior drivers on both school bus, MTA and NICE.

  17. Can you tell me if the picketing is going to go on all day? The website is not clear about this. I like to go to Bklyn to support the strikers. Hopefully many people will understand that they must stand with labor.

  18. Where is a picket location on Long Island? I might bring this up as a possible Occupy Huntington support action.

  19. As a mother,you have my full support because safety of our children is first than saving a buck for the city. This is unfair and we have to do something. we are the 99 %. we deserve better. this is our tax money not Bloomberg.

  20. He’s putting thousands of people out of work, hard working people with families to save money for the schools, but just flushed away hundreds of millions of dollars for the schools like he was batting an eye!

  21. shame on you mr bloomberg for what you are doing to this parents; the bus drivers; and the matrons. you know mr bloomberg the bible said it is easyier for a camel to go through a hole of a neddle; than a rich man go to heaven. and one day you going to meet your maker face to face and you are going to have to respond to him for all of your action wether they were or good or bad. you know mr major god don’t like ugly. i hope you get a good night sleep.

  22. this mayor is getting into everything school bus drivers & now education what he don’t care people have bill home and family to support just going to be more people on welfare employment line and and crime

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