Support A. 9873 Lupardo/S. 7524 Golden

A. 9873 Lupardo/S. 7524 Golden

The New York State AFL-CIO, representing 2.5 million union workers and their families as well as our retirees and their families, supports the above-referenced legislation.
This bill would require all local social services districts to submit an annual report detailing the average caseload for child protective services (CPS) workers and other related data. Issuance of these reports will protect children from abusive situations by beginning the process of understanding and relieving the tremendous backlog and stress within the child protective system.

This legislation is necessary to address severe understaffing in many child protective service departments. It is not uncommon for CPS workers to have average monthly caseloads of active investigations as high as 70. However, this data is not publicly reported. Many CPS workers carry unsafe caseload levels but it is not known to the public until after an unfortunate incident has taken place. The reports required by this legislation will equip legislators with information about the CPS system necessary for them to identify and address problems before further tragedies occur.

Therefore, this Federation urges this bill be passed.

For further information, contact the Legislative Department at 518-436-8516.

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