Support – Comprehensive Healthcare Coverage For All

On Assembly Codes Committee Agenda


A. 5389-A Gottfried /S. 2078-A Perkins

The New York State AFL-CIO, representing 2.5 million union workers and their families as well as our retirees and their families, supports the above-referenced legislation.

This legislation would establish New York Health, a comprehensive single-payer healthcare program which will provide universal healthcare coverage for all New Yorkers.

One of the largest challenges standing in New Yorkers’ path to prosperity is the sky-rocketing cost of healthcare. This is true for all New Yorkers – workers and business owners alike. If left unaddressed, costs associated with healthcare will continue to bankrupt individuals and businesses at record levels and will continue threaten the fiscal stability of municipalities and eventually the state itself. While the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is certainly helping to address the problems individuals have in accessing health insurance, we have still not addressed the fundamental problem of health care costs as it relates to access. This legislation is necessary to address and stem the runaway cost of healthcare and it will ensure that all New Yorkers have access to health insurance. A single-payer system is the only real way forward if we truly want to achieve these goals.

Implementing New York Health would make New York a healthcare leader in the country and a beacon for other states to aspire to. Finally, it will attract cost-conscious businesses and talented workers to the state.

Therefore, this Federation urges this bill be passed.

For further information, contact the Legislative Department at 518-436-8516.