Support Memo – S3213 Savino/A3515A Wright – FAIR PAY IN HOUSING


S3213 Savino/A3515A Wright

The New York State AFL-CIO representing 2.5 million union workers and their families as well as our retirees and their families supports the above referenced legislation.

This legislation will apply prevailing wage provisions under Article 8 of the Labor Law to the construction of larger, primarily market rate or upper-income residential projects with more than 80 units that receive public funds or financial assistance. This legislation does not apply to any affordable housing projects where half or more of the units are reserved for occupants earning up to 125% of the area median income; nor does it apply to any residential projects with 80 or fewer units.

The intent of prevailing wage laws is to assure that when government intervenes with its financial resources in the construction market; it promotes local economic standards and does not undermine them.  This legislation upholds that intent by requiring construction workers to be paid the wages and supplements that prevail in their area on larger residential projects that are publicly subsidized and primarily serve more affluent interests.

Therefore, this Federation urges that this bill be passed immediately.

For further information contact the Legislative department at 518-436-8516.