SUPPORT – S2949A Ritchie /A4064B Jones, et al


S2949A Ritchie /A4064B Jones, et al

The New York State AFL‐CIO, representing over 2.5 million union members, their families as well as our retirees and their families supports the above referenced legislation.

This legislation amends section 112 of the Correction Law to require the Commissioner of Corrections to establish a staffing plan for both uniformed and non-uniformed employees of correctional facilities.

Employees of the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCs) work in conditions and with individuals that necessitates maximum protection. The most important protection is adequate and safe staffing as inadequate staffing at correctional facilities can lead to dangerous and often violent situations. In the interest of reducing injuries and lowering workers’ compensation costs this bill is sorely needed.

This bill would also reduce overtime costs and improve morale for employees at DOCCS facilities. DOCCS is one of the leading agencies in the state with respect to overtime costs. Allowing continued understaffing in already dangerous conditions is a recipe for violence, lawsuits and increased costs in the long run.

This Federation urges this bill be passed.

For further information contact the Legislative Department at 518-436-8516.