SUPPORT – S4769A Savino/A5667A Quart


S4769A Savino/A5667A Quart

The New York State AFL‐CIO, representing over 2.5 million union members, their families as well as our retirees and their families supports the above referenced legislation.

This bill amends the Penal Law to narrow the definition of gravity knives, which are spring loaded knives used in the workplace for a variety of functions. This will eliminate the potential for arrest and prosecution of workers who have a gravity knife on their person after leaving work.  

Gravity knives are used by a variety of building and construction trades, manufacturing, retail and wholesale and countless other industries. They are a necessary tool at many worksites and often are part of a worker’s or employer’s tool set.    

Unlike switchblades, gravity knives are not designed as a weapon and are intended solely for the use as a cutting tool in the workplace. No worker should be arrested for simply carrying a tool that is required and necessary as a part of their daily routine. There are already other laws in place that can be more appropriately applied if someone misuses a gravity knife, or for that matter any other item, as a weapon.

This Federation urges this bill be passed.


For further information contact the Legislative Department at 518-436-8516.