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President's Message - The Fight for Farmworkers Continues

After last year’s historic passage of the Farm Laborers Fair Labor Practices Act, it is important that we continue to advocate on behalf of farmworkers as the law is implemented and ensure that farmworkers can exercise their right to form unions. We proudly stand with the RWDSU/UFCW which is actively organizing farmworkers in order to improve their lives.

Unfortunately, a lawsuit was filed shortly after the law took effect. Among other things, opponents of the law challenged its application to family members of farm owners and supervisors. Despite the lawsuit, the law has taken effect. The Governor has proposed language in the executive budget proposal that would clarify the challenged language. The NYS AFL-CIO is working with the executive and legislature to address these issues and make the lawsuit moot.

The NYS AFL-CIO is also continuing work to make sure that farmworkers are treated equally. The law implemented a threshold for overtime pay for farmworkers at 60 hours per week, in an attempt to smooth the transition for employers.   However, the law also provided a mechanism to improve on the 60-hour work week by establishing a farmworker wage board empowered to reduce the threshold. Former NYS AFL-CIO President Denis Hughes was appointed to the wage board. The wage board will hear input from stakeholders and is empowered to reduce the 60-hour threshold. The NYS AFL-CIO will continue to fight for a 40-hour work week. The Wage board is scheduled to meet over the next several weeks. The schedule and locations are listed. We encourage interested affiliates to attend and testify on behalf of the farmworkers.

We thank all our affiliates for their past and continued support in making sure farmworkers are treated with dignity and respect.

Mario Cilento, President

President's Message - Include Labor Peace Agreements in Adult-Use Cannabis

President's Message - Paid Sick Days for All Workers

President's Message

s Message END THE MISUSE OF STANDARDIZED TESTING IN TEACHER EVALUATIONS Legislation passed by the Assembly and introduced in the Senate (S8301 Marcellino/A10475 Nolan) would fix the flawed and unfair annual professional performance review (APPR) system for teachers and principals.

President's Message

On Saturday, April 28, in cities, towns and communities across this country and throughout the world we remember working men and women who have suffered and died on the job.

President's Message

Over the years, constant ideological attacks on prevailing rate by well-funded corporate interests have resulted in legal, regulatory and legislative changes that have eroded the intent of the state’s constitutional requirement of prevailing rate.

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Individuals face systematic and administrative barriers that inhibit the ability to register and vote. We now have the technology and ability to change that and improve the dismal turnout that has plagued our elections in recent years.

February 9, 2018

President's Message

The ability to retire and financial security in retirement have become unreachable goals for too many workers. Low wage and middle-income earners in the private sector often have no retirement options through their employer.

June 16, 2017

President's Message

Various Buy American proposals have been introduced over the last few months that would cover several state procurement projects. The goal of these proposals is to return manufacturing in the United States.

June 12, 2017

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Both houses of the legislature and the governor have introduced legislation to enact stronger laws requiring that when taxpayer dollars are used on public works projects we try to use American made iron and steel products to the greatest extent possible.

June 2, 2017

President's Message

The increased use of debit cards over the last decade as method of payroll was sold as a modern, convenient way for employees to access their pay and an alternative for low wage workers to avoid predatory check cashing companies.