Statewide Town Hall Meeting: We Can't Cut our Way Out of Crisis

Working people have borne the brunt of the pandemic with their lives and livelihoods. And, unless New York raises revenue to fund vital services, they will be the victim of the crisis once again.

Join us Monday, March 1st on Facebook as we host a live forum with workers and experts from around the state to discuss the impact of the pandemic on working people, and how new state revenue is the only way to build back stronger.

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New York must fully fund critical services through a combination of raising billions of dollars in new revenue from those who are not currently paying their fair share and with support from the federal government. Relying on one or the other is not sufficient and will not sustainably support New York’s recovery.

Contact your Senator and Member of Assembly and tell them, they cannot rebuild our economy by balancing the state’s budget on the backs of working people.