Take Action: App Workers Need Your Help

App workers often receive very low wages and no benefits, and have no job security, even though many of them depend on app work as their primary source of income. Rideshare drivers and food delivery workers often have to work 16-hour days, just to take home $300 to $400 at the end of the week.

People who work hard and provide good services deserve fair wages and decent treatment; they deserve to be treated like all other workers.

Petition To: New York State Legislators

New Yorkers who work for app companies - delivering food, groceries and packages, giving car rides, performing home improvements and providing a whole host of other services, are deprived the same rights and protections all other workers enjoy. Simply because they derive their work from a smartphone app, these workers are denied minimum wage, care and compensation if they're hurt on the job, and even comprehensive protections from discrimination and harassment.

It's time for New York State to pass legislation that will treat app workers like other employees, and give them the dignity and respect they deserve, including the right to organize a union.