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CSE Race and the Economy: Train the Trainer

February 17, 2023
11:00AM - 6:00PM

Albany, NY

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The labor movement strives for greater solidarity among workers. As such, we need to understand what divides us, so we can unite more effectively. This training helps participants discern how systemic racism operates as an economic tool of neoliberalism. We look at recent data as well as key events in our country's history to learn more about how racism contributes to the racial wealth gap. In the context of a local campaign, we also spend time building skills to collectively advocate for policy changes that improve economic conditions for people of color.

Race and Economy follows the same model as other CSE offerings. We want participants to be able to:

  • Share with others their experience with the economy and how the economy is not working for communities of color.
  • Discern how systemic racism operates as an economic tool to divide working people.
  • Describe the impact of neoliberal political choices on working people.
  • Explain how working people can change the rules of the economy by acting together (voting, volunteering, organizing and activism).
  • Empower family, friends and co-workers with a specific message to join together to change the rules to create an economy that works for everyone.

Please contact Appollos Baker at or Valone Brown at if you have any questions.