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Legislative Alert: May 13, 2022

New York State AFL-CIO
13 May, 2022
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President's Message

Climate Change Issues Must Make Sense

The NYS AFL-CIO and its affiliates are committed to the success of the CLCPA and to a just transition as we reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To ensure that success, there must be broad union support of the strategies and policies that we implement to achieve those goals.

Just transition, in part, means there will be no job losses, there will be future job opportunities and adequate education and training for a well-prepared workforce moving forward. These are not easy goals to accomplish but already the legislature and Governor have enacted Buy American, labor peace, prevailing rate and project labor agreement provisions on climate change projects and policies. They have also allocated funding for skills upgrades and for training in climate change technology.

We must continue to expand these labor policies as we review other goals, like expanding the electrification of buildings, mandating the use of zero emission vehicles and developing other forms of energy conservation and emissions capture.

Obviously, utility, construction and power generation jobs are impacted by this but large parts of New York’s entire economy such as tourism, agriculture and manufacturing are reliant on ample and affordable supplies of energy, as are the jobs that support those industries. We cannot close the door on options to develop low emission energy during this transition if we are to keep these industries in New York while simultaneously meeting the goals of the CLCPA. Opportunities like green hydrogen, biomass, or geothermal renewable energy must remain on the table.

This also means we need more participants in the renewable energy production market…not less. We should not shut down any power plants until adequate replacements of that power and/or purpose are built and online. As we transition buildings, appliances, and vehicles from fossil fuel to zero emissions we need to double our efforts at increasing the sources of energy and ways to access that energy for those purposes. Working together, I am confident we will accomplish the state’s emission goals while creating good jobs.

Mario Cilento, President

Upcoming Meeting


Monday, May 16, 2022, 1:00 p.m.

Senator Diane Savino, Chair of Committee on Internet and Technology

 will be the guest speaker. 

This will be an in-person meeting.

Issue of the Week

Ensure Public Contractors Comply With Labor and Employment Laws

A1338B Magnarelli/S5994B Ryan

This legislation would require public contractors and their subcontractors to register with the Department of Labor Bureau of Public Works and disclose information about compliance with state laws, including labor law and workers’ compensation law before being permitted to bid on certain public projects. It will permit the Commissioner of Labor to bar contractors and subcontractors with prevailing wage violations. This bill will also require establishment of an online contractor registry database accessible to the public.

This bill is necessary to protect workers and the public from unscrupulous contractors. This bill will prevent public procurement dollars from being spent on contractors who violate worker protection laws. In addition to protecting workers, this law will protect taxpayers from costs associated with delays caused by violations discovered during the execution of projects. It will also uncover liabilities stemming from contractors’ inadequate workers’ compensation insurance coverage, and subpar work.

Therefore, this Federation urges this bill be passed.