Support Memo: Part AA of S2506 & Part AA of A3006

NY Senate/Assembly Joint Budget Subcommittee on Environment/Agriculture/Housing

New Renewable Energy Policy Must Have Labor Standards

Part AA of S2506 & Part AA of A3006


The New York State AFL-CIO, representing 2.5 million union members and their families, as well as our retirees and their families, supports the above-referenced legislation. 

These provisions would enact prevailing rate on construction of renewable energy projects as well as labor peace agreements for the operations and maintenance of facilities and Buy American standards for supply chain components of those projects and facilities. The New York State AFL-CIO also strongly encourages a Buy-NY provision to be a part of a final agreement. This is a vital and important step in implementing the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act which was enacted in 2019. 

It is imperative that wage and job standards are included in the development of renewable energy. Protections like requiring prevailing rate and project labor agreements on the construction of facilities is critical. But we also must do more to ensure we create family sustaining jobs that lift-up our communities. This includes the ongoing operation and maintenance of renewable energy generation and distribution, as well as the manufacturing and supply chain projects and facilities.

Therefore, this Federation urges that these provisions be included in a final budget agreement. 

For further information contact the Legislative Department at 518-436-8516.