Find A Labor Day 2016 Event Near You

This Labor Day we recognize the incredible achievements of America's working people and celebrate all those who make our country run. Many of us will be busy with barbecues, festivals and other types of family events that bring everyone together. Amid all the celebrating, we must truly consider what strengthens our families and communities and take a look at how public policies have deliberately diminished working peoples' ability to sustain a good living and driven our economy out of balance. Working people are the backbone of our nation and need to be recognized as such, both in word and deed. Too often, those working every day for a better life are forced to take a back seat to corporate interests which care only about their own bottom line. Workers everywhere are standing up and speaking out for fundamental, lasting change regardless of whether they work in manufacturing, engineering, service or retail. Every day, working people use their talent, dedication and drive to make our nation stronger. This Labor Day should be a celebration of working families, because we are ready to speak up together, change the rules and bring lasting economic balance so that every family can pursue the American Dream and work for a better life. On Labor Day, we are asking all working families to highlight the single greatest thing that unites us—“Working. For a Better Life”— and to join the push for a fairer and more just economy. Can we count on you? Enter your zip code below to find a labor day event near you.