New York State AFL-CIO Announces Endorsements for NYS Legislature

Manhattan -Today, the 2.5 million member New York State AFL-CIO announced the endorsements of candidates running for State Senate and Assembly. The endorsements took place at the State Federation's 33rd Constitutional Convention at the Sheraton NY Times Square Hotel in New York City. More than one thousand delegates, representing union members from the public sector, private sector and building trades, were in attendance. Mario Cilento, President of the New York State AFL-CIO, said, “All of these candidates understand the priorities of working men and women. They are committed to fighting hard for issues important to working people which is why we will fight hard to get them elected.” The New York State AFL-CIO is coordinating a grassroots campaign to educate our members on labor's position in these races and ensure our members get to the polls and support our endorsed candidates. The following candidates were endorsed:
AD 1 Thiele Jr., Fred (D-WF-I-WE)
AD 2 Palumbo, Anthony (R-C-I-REF)
AD 3 Murray, Dean (R-C-I-REF)
AD 4 Englebright, Steve (D-WF-I)
AD 5 Graf, Alfred (R-C-I-REF)
AD 6 Ramos, Phil (D-WF-I)
AD 7 Garbarino, Andrew (R-C-I-REF)
AD 8 Macellaro, Richard (D)
AD 9 Saladino, Joseph (R-C-I-REF)
AD 10 Lupinacci, Chad (R-C-I-REF)
AD 11 Jean Pierre, Kimberly (D-WF-I)
AD 12 Raia, Andrew (R-C-I-REF)
AD 13 Lavine, Charles (D-WF-WE)
AD 14 McDonough, David (R-C-I-REF)
AD 16 Anthony D'Urso (D-I-WF-WE)
AD 17 McKevitt, Tom (R-C-I-REF)
AD 18 Hooper, Earlene (D-WE)
AD 19 Ra, Edward (R-C-I-REF)
AD 20 Eramo, Anthony (D-WF-WE-I)
AD 22 Solages, Michaelle (D-WF-I-WE)
AD 23 Pheffer Amato, Stacey (D-WF-WE)
AD 24 Weprin, David (D)
AD 25 Rozic, Nily (D-WF)
AD 26 Braunstein, Edward (D-WF-I-WE)
AD 27 Simanowitz, Michael (D-C-R)
AD 28 Hevesi, Andrew (D-WF)
AD 29 Hyndman, Alicia (D-WF)
AD 30 Markey, Margaret (D)
AD 31 Titus, Michele (D-WF)
AD 32 Cook, Vivian (D)
AD 33 Vanel, Clyde (D)
AD 34 DenDekker, Michael (D)
AD 35 Aubry, Jeffrion (D)
AD 36 Simotas, Aravella (D-WF)
AD 37 Nolan, Catherine (D-WF)
AD 38 Miller, Michael (D-C)
AD 39 Moya, Francisco (D-WF)
AD 40 Kim, Ronald (D-WF)
AD 41 Weinstein, Helene (D-WF)
AD 42 Bichotte, Rodneyese, (D)
AD 43 Richardson, Diana (D-WF)
AD 44 Carroll, Robert (D-WF)
AD 45 Cymbrowitz, Steven (D-WF-I)
AD 46 Harris, Pamela (D)
AD 47 Colton, William (D-WF)
AD 49 Abbate Jr., Peter (D-WF-I)
AD 50 Lentol, Joseph (D)
AD 51 Ortiz, Felix (D)
AD 52 Simon, JoAnn (D-WF-WE)
AD 53 Davila, Maritza (D-WF)
AD 54 Dilan, Erik Martin (D)
AD 55 Walker, Latrice (D-WF)
AD 56 Wright, Tremaine (D-WF)
AD 57 Mosley, Walter (D-WF)
AD 58 Perry, Nick (D-WF-WE)
AD 59 Williams, Jamie (D-WF)
AD 60 Barron, Charles (D)
AD 61 Titone, Matthew (D)
AD 63 Cusick, Michael (D-C-I)
AD 64 Malliotakis, Nicole (R-C-I-REF)
AD 65 Niou, Yuh-Line (D-WF)
AD 66 Glick, Deborah (D-WF)
AD 67 Rosenthal, Linda (D-WF)
AD 68 Rodriguez, Robert (D-WF)
AD 69 O'Donnell, Daniel (D)
AD 70 Dickens, Inez (D)
AD 71 Farrell, Herman (Denny) (D)
AD 72 Linares, Guillermo (D)
AD 73 Quart, Dan (D-WF)
AD 74 Kavanagh, Brian (D-WF)
AD 75 Gottfried, Richard (D-WF)
AD 76 Seawright, Rebecca (D-WF)
AD 77 Joyner, Latoya (D-WF)
AD 78 Rivera, Jose (D-WF)
AD 79 Blake, Michael (D-WF)
AD 80 Gjonai, Mark(D)
AD 81 Dinowitz, Jeffrey (D-WF-WE)
AD 82 Benedetto, Michael (D)
AD 83 Heastie, Carl (D)
AD 85 Crespo, Marcos (D)
AD 86 *Pichardo, Victor (D-WF)
AD 87 Sepulveda, Luis (D)
AD 88 Paulin, Amy (D-WF-I-WE)
AD 89 Pretlow, J. Gary (D-I-WF)
AD 90 Mayer, Shelley (D-WF-I)
AD 91 Otis, Steve (D-WF-I-WE)
AD 92 Abinanti, Thomas (D-WF-I)
AD 93 Buchwald, David (D-WF-I-WE)
AD 96 Zebrowski, Kenneth (D-WF-WE)
AD 97 Jaffee, Ellen (D-WF)
AD 98 Review After Primary
AD 99 Skoufis, James (D-WF-WE)
AD 100 Gunther, Aileen (D-WF-I)
AD 103 Cahill, Kevin (D-WF-I)
AD 104 Skartados, Frank (D-WF-I)
AD 105 Torres, Joseph (D-WF-WE)
AD 106 Barrett, Didi (D-WF-I)
AD 108 McDonald III, John (D-I)
AD 109 Fahy, Patricia (D-WF-I)
AD 110 Steck, Phil (D-WF-I-WE)
AD 111 Santabarbara, Angelo (D-WF-I-WE)
AD 112 Review After Primary
AD 113 Woerner, Carrie (D-I)
AD 114 Stec, Dan (R-C-I-REF)
AD 115 Jones, Bill (D-WF-WE)
AD 116 Russell, Addie (D-WF)
AD 117 Blankenbush, Ken (R-C-I)
AD 118 Butler, Marc (R-C-I-REF)
AD 119 Brindisi, Anthony (D-WF-I)
AD 120 Barclay, William (R-C-I-REF)
AD 121 Magee, William (D-I)
AD 122 Crouch, Clifford (R)
AD 123 Lupardo, Donna (D-WF)
AD 125 Lifton, Barbara (D-WF)
AD 126 Dwire, Diane (D-WF-WE)
AD 127 Stirpe, Jr., Albert (D-WF-WE)
AD 128 Hunter, Pamela (D-WF-I-WE)
AD 129 Magnarelli, William (D-WF-I-WE)
AD 130 Oaks, Bob (R-C)
AD 131 Kolb, Brian (R-C-I-REF)
AD 132 Palmesano, Philip (R-C-I-REF)
AD 135 Johns, Mark (R-C-I-REF)
AD 136 Morelle, Joseph (D-I)
AD 138 *Bronson, Harry (D-WF-I-WE)
AD 141 Peoples-Stokes, Crystal (D-WF)
AD 142 Kearns, Michael (D-R-C-I)
AD 143 Wallace, Monica (D-WF-WE)
AD 145 Ceretto, John (D-WF-I)
AD 146 Meyer, Steven (D-WF)
AD 148 Giglio, Joseph (R-C-I-REF)
AD 149 Ryan, Sean (D-WF-I-WE)
SD 1 LaValle, Kenneth (R-C-I-REF)
SD 2 Flanagan, John (R-C-I)
SD 3 Croci, Tom (R-C-I-REF)
SD 4 Boyle, Phil (R-C-I-REF)
SD 5 Marcellino, Carl (R-C-I-REF)
SD 6 Hannon, Kemp (R-C-I-REF)
SD 7 Haber, Adam (D-WE-WF)
SD 8 Venditto, Michael (R-C-I-REF)
SD 9 Kaminsky, Todd(D-WE-WF)
SD 10 Sanders, Jr., James (D-WF)
SD 11 Avella, Tony (D)
SD 12 Gianaris, Michael (D-WF)
SD 13 Peralta, Jose (D-WF)
SD 14 Comrie, Leroy (D-WF)
SD 15 Addabbo, Joseph (D-WE-WF)
SD 16 *Stavisky, Toby Ann (D-WF-WE)
SD 18 Dilan, Martin Malave (D-I)
SD 19 Persaud, Roxanne (D-WF)
SD 20 Hamilton, Jesse (D-WF-I)
SD 21 Parker, Kevin (D-WF)
SD 23 Savino, Diane (D-I)
SD 24 Lanza, Andrew (R-C-I-REF)
SD 25 Montgomery, Velmanette (D-WF)
SD 26 Squadron, Daniel (D-WF)
SD 27 Hoylman, Brad (D-WF)
SD 28 Krueger, Liz (D-WF)
SD 29 Serrano, Jose(D)
SD 30 Perkins, Bill (D-WF)
SD 31 Robert Jackson (D)
SD 33 *Rivera, Gustavo (D-WF)
SD 34 Klein, Jeffrey (D-I-WE)
SD 35 Stewart-Cousins, Andrea (D-WF-I-WE)
SD 36 *Jamaal Bailey (D-WF)
SD 37 Latimer, George (D-WF-WE)
SD 38 Carlucci, David (D-WE-I)
SD 39 Larkin Jr., William (R-C-I-REF)
SD 40 Murphy, Terrence (R-C-I-REF)
SD 41 Terry Gipson (D-WF-WE)
SD 42 Bonacic, John (R-C-I-REF)
SD 43 Marchione, Kathy (R-C-I-REF)
SD 44 Breslin, Neil (D-WF-I)
SD 45 Little, Betty (R-C-I)
SD 47 Griffo, Joseph (R-C-I-REF)
SD 48 Ritchie, Patty (R-C-I-REF)
SD 49 Jim Tedisco (R-C-I-REF)
SD 50 Defrancisco, John (R-C-I-REF)
SD 51 Seward, James (R-C-I-REF)
SD 52 Akshar, Frederick(R-C-I-REF)
SD 53 Valesky, David (D-I-WE)
SD 54 Review After Primary
SD 55 Funke, Rich (R-C-I-REF)
SD 56 Robach, Joseph (R-C-I-REF)
SD 57 Young, Catherine (R-C-I-REF)
SD 58 O'Mara, Thomas (R-C-I-REF)
SD 59 Gallivan, Patrick (R-C-I-REF)
SD 60 Review After Primary
SD 62 Ortt, Robert (R-C-I-REF)
SD 63 Kennedy, Tim (D-WE-WF-I)