Stop Starving CUNY

Stand with CUNY workers. Each year, the City University of New York provides a path to upward mobility for tens of thousands of New Yorkers from all backgrounds. Enrollment is up at CUNY, where its employees go to work every day to create a first-rate education environment. From maintenance workers and housekeepers to college assistants and clerical workers, the women and men are committed to opening the door to opportunity for students in a world-class institution. More than 10,000 CUNY workers represented by AFSCME DC37 have gone seven years without a raise. With frozen wages, the more than 7,000 workers who make less than $15 an hour struggle to make ends meet. Governor Cuomo recently excluded these workers from a minimum wage increase he has proposed for state workers. And he has proposed a state budget that could slash support for CUNY by more than$500 million. Please tell Gov.Cuomo and the state legislature: I stand with CUNY workers and urge you to acknowledge the sacrifice and commitment they have made to ensure a first-rate education for tens of thousands of New Yorkers. Fully fund CUNY.