Strike Action Alert: Cable Company Must Respect Workers and Customers

Last week, after nine years on the job, I joined my sisters and brothers of IBEW Local 3 in standing up and striking against Charter/Spectrum Cable over their continued disrespect of workers and the customers we serve. This decision was not made lightly. For years, my coworkers and I have been targeted for punishment because we advocate for our customers. *Customers who deserve the services they were promised. We take great union pride in the work we do, but Charter/Spectrum is refusing to provide us the tools, resources and support we need to do our jobs properly. In addition, the company has proposed drastic health care cuts for unionized workers and their families and wants to eliminate our pensions and job security. We decided we simply can no longer stay silent. We can win. With your help we can show a Multi-Billion dollar company like Charter/Spectrum that labor and the community stand together! Here are the actions you can take now to support the fight: 1). Sign the petition to CEO Thomas Rutledge. Tell him it's time to show respect to workers and customers. 2). Join a picket line near you at Charter/Spectrum pay centers. In Solidarity, Joseph Mossa IBEW Local 3 Technician on Strike at Charter/Spectrum Communications *Recently New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman made the decision to sue Spectrum/Charter communications for misleading customers by failing to deliver the faster Internet speed and performance they were promised.