Tell Congress Not to Take Away Health Benefits from Millions of Americans

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and extremist Republican leaders in Congress held hearings this week on their plan to take away health care from millions of families. We didn't know the full details of the bill because they literally had the text locked behind closed doors in a basement in Congress until Monday night. They finally released the text, and it's as bad as we thought it would be. Millions of people will have their health benefits eliminated under their plan, millionaires will get a huge tax break and working people will be hit with a permanent tax on their health care benefits. We're hearing that they want to ram this bill through quickly to hold a final vote on it in the House by the end of the month, so the Senate can take it up in April. We need to act now. Sign the petition immediately to tell Congress you oppose plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act because it will take away health care benefits from millions of people, give a huge tax break to millionaires and impose a burdensome permanent tax on working people's health benefits. I heard a lot of powerful stories shared with members of Congress at town halls across the country last month. Mothers who are still alive because of cancer treatment they received under the Affordable Care Act. Families who, for the first time, didn't have to make the difficult decision of putting food on the table or paying for doctor visits and prescription drugs. That's what makes the proposals of out-of-touch Republicans so infuriating. People's lives are on the line and they hid the specific details of this plan from us until the last minute, so they didn't have to face angry constituents. But their playbook is the same as it has been for years now. They want to:
  1. Repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement that ensures everyone has quality, affordable health care.
  2. Gut Medicaid benefits for millions of people and dismantle Medicare.
  3. Give millionaires big tax breaks on their health benefits.
  4. Impose a permanent tax on employer-provided benefits for tens of thousands of families.
Virtually everything working people have gained to improve health and retirement security since the 1940s is now at risk, including Medicare, Medicaid, workplace health plans, the Affordable Care Act and Social Security. Our families and communities deserve better. We need to continue to fight to make quality, affordable health care a basic right. Add your name immediately to the petition to Congress to make it clear you oppose the reckless plans of Republicans to take away health care benefits from millions of people. In Solidarity, Richard Trumka President, AFL-CIO