The TTP (TransPacific Partnership Trade Deal) is Officially Dead!

Our efforts over the past seven years have made the flawed Trans-Pacific Partnership deal deeply unpopular. Because activists like you tirelessly wrote letters, signed petitions, marched at rallies, introduced resolutions and so much more—even while facing almost insurmountable odds—elected leaders in Washington, D.C., recently confirmed that there is no path forward for the TPP. This is a huge victory that was won because you, not Donald Trump or any other politician, took action to make the TPP toxic. We won this battle after many years of fighting against multinational corporations, special interest groups and their extremist allies in Congress. But the war against ending bad trade deals that only benefit greedy corporate CEOs and the 1% is not over. Share this image now to celebrate our victory against TPPand corporate greed. This is a win for all workers—union and nonunion, in both the public and private sectors. We changed the national dialogue on trade and finally began a real discussion on what worker-centered trade policies should look like. And while we should totally take this moment to enjoy our victory, we know that the corporations and greedy CEOs pushing for this deal won't give up easily. It's up to us—the working people who stopped TPP—to make sure our elected officials know the American people will watch the new Congress closely and if they make any attempts to resuscitate this or any other bad trade deal, we'll be ready to roll up sleeves again and fight. But for now, pat yourself on the back. This is our victory! Share the image now to celebrate our victory against TPPand corporate greed. In Solidarity, Celeste --------- Celeste Drake Trade and Globalization Policy Specialist, AFL-CIO