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Union Strong Podcast Episode 49: Labor Day 2020 – Where we have been and where we need to go

07 Sep, 2020
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Each year on Labor Day we recognize and honor the incredible achievements and many contributions of working people. This year however is like no other. While we still honor the hard work of working people, the unemployment rate in New York State is at nearly 16 percent, workers fear about their safety on the job and the safety of their families. Parents struggle with whether to send their children back to school and many families struggle with how to pay for housing and food. And, an alarming number of workers have died or become ill after being exposed to the coronavirus at work.

On this podcast we hear from the President of the New York State AFL-CIO, Mario Cilento. President Cilento talks about where we have been in 2020 and what we need to do moving forward to support workers and our economy.