UPDATE: Big Win! - Take Action in the Fight For $15

UPDATE: BIG VICTORY FOR WORKING PEOPLE! Click here to read press release.   Posted: Feb 10, 2016 - We're working to pass a $15 minimum wage in the State Legislature by March 31 - for all workers. Under the proposal, 3,000,000 workers would see their wages rise. That's 37% of the workforce!


Over the last 40 years, billionaire CEOs have kept wages low while pocketing more and more profits for themselves and their shareholders. In fact, wages have stayed flat while worker productivity has gone up. It's come to the point where millions of New Yorkers can't afford the basics. That isn't right and it's hurting our economy.


Half of all New York workers paid less than $15 an hour are 35 or older. 54% are women. And many are supporting families. People of color are disproportionately paid low wages, with 48% of black workers and 49% of Hispanic workers making less than $15. Higher wages would mean thousands of families across the state could afford to pay for the basics.

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