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Vote YES on Prop 2! Right to clean drinking water, clean air and a healthful environment

25 Oct, 2021
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The New York State AFL-CIO, representing 2.5 million union members and their families, as well as our retirees and their families, supports Proposition 2 on the ballot this year. 

If passed, this proposition would amend the New York State Constitution to enshrine an environmental bill of rights and clarify that all New Yorkers have the right to clean drinking water, clean air and a healthful environment.

The health and safety of all New Yorkers is a fundamental concern of the labor movement. Passage of this amendment will lead to investments in clean drinking water projects, improving wastewater and storm water infrastructure, development of new technologies in energy, the preservation and responsible oversight of parklands and contribute to the long-term health and safety of New Yorkers.

Passage of this amendment will prioritize these issues and set a legal and civil foundation that will mean job creation in the short term and a healthier environment for generations to come. It will also clearly establish that environmental health and safety of citizens is a priority of New York State.