Who is maintaining your elevator?

Did you know that the folkswho work onelevators in NYS don't have to be licensed or properly-trained? If you think that is wrong, you're not alone. Today National Elevator Industry Educational Program instructors came to Albany to educate legislators and the general public on the ways properly-trained elevator workers keep you safe. Click here to learn more about the NEIEP and their work.
Recent years have seen a trend of deadly elevator failures in New York as widespread as Tonawanda and Manhattan. The New York City Fire Department reports a shocking 160 percent rise in passengers needing rescue from failed elevators from 2009-2014. These incidents are often fatal: in the fourth quarter of 2015 alone there were 3 elevator passenger deaths in New York. This lethal threat to public safety is preventable. Far too many elevator technicians are untrained and unlicensed—because they are not required to be. The New York State Elevator Safety Act is required to ensure the state's elevators are kept in safe condition by trained professionals.