Albany - “The No. 1 priority of the Labor Movement is always to help working men and women achieve a better life, and it is with that in mind we are pleased with the final state budget,” said New York State AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento. “A key piece included in the final spending plan will make it easier for union members to deduct the cost of their union dues from their state taxes. “This new benefit will put an estimated $35 million back into the pockets of our members inprivate sector, public sector, and building trades unions throughout the state.
Last week, after nine years on the job, I joined my sisters and brothers of IBEW Local 3 in standing up and striking against Charter/Spectrum Cable over their continued disrespect of workers and the customers we serve. This decision was not made lightly. For years, my coworkers and I have been targeted for punishment because we advocate for our customers. *Customers who deserve the services they were promised. We take great union pride in the work we do, but Charter/Spectrum is refusing to provide us the tools, resources and support we need to do our jobs properly.
New proposals to cut the benefits for injured workers have been introduced in both houses of the legislature and there will no doubt be attempts to force these proposals into the budget. These proposals would devastate the livelihoods of injured workers and their families. They would shift the responsibility of insurance companies to pay for the care and treatment of injured workers to social service programs and burden state and local property taxpayers with the cost.
House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and extremist Republican leaders in Congress held hearings this week on their plan to take away health care from millions of families.
I need your help.

I am a miner at American Rock Salt near Rochester, the largest operating salt mine in the United States. My colleagues and I work underground, where we help extract the salt that is used for de-icing, helping to keep roads safe for millions of Americans during the cold winter months.

Thanks to your advocacy Buy American legislation is closer than ever to passing. The feedback from Legislators was very good, but as talks on the budget heat up we know that they need to hear directly from you. That is why we are asking you to take the next step to call and speak with your legislator.

Take action now! Text Buy American to 877877 today to be connected to your state legislator.

UPDATE! Feb 14, 2017 -The contract ratification announced today between members of IUE-CWA Local 81359-81380 is welcome news.

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