With your help and the dedication of the Hotel Trades Council members and their leaders, union workers at the Hilton Albany have secured a fair contract safeguarding important benefits for members and their families.

We can all be extremely proud of the dedicated HTC members who maintained a presence on the picket line outside the Hilton Albany for four months, never once wavering during this labor dispute. We applaud Peter Ward for his leadership as the Hotel Trades Council President.

Albany -“The Labor Movement has a long and proud history in New York State, and our numbers continue to grow," said New York State AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento. According to the latest report by theBureau of Labor Statistics, New York State gained 75,000 union members in 2017 to remain the most unionized state in the country. Union membership increased to 23.8 percent of the workforce.

Albany -We are facing significant challenges in New York State as a result of the destructive policies that the fringe right in Washington is forcing on working people.

The Governor's budget proposal unveiled Tuesday, January 16, 2018 seeks to address those attacks by changing the state tax code and raising much needed revenue. It is a balanced approach to build a stronger middle class while protecting taxpayers against the harmful right-wing agenda coming out of Washington.

The state budget deficit and the uncertainty of New York getting its fair share of federal dollars will make for a difficult state budget year. Added to that is the unfair shift of the federal tax burden onto New York taxpayers. All to pay for a steep corporate tax cut.

Albany - As the most unionized state in this country, it is fitting that Governor Cuomo wants New York to lead the way in protecting the rights of workers. We applaud the governor for his commitment to ensure working people continue to have a voice in the workplace, and for recognizing a strong labor movement is the key to raising the standard of living and quality of life for all working people.

The developers of a train that would travel nearly half the speed of sound and get passengers from New York to Washington, D.C., in about an hour signed a memorandum of understanding to only use union labor on the project.

Under the agreement, all work on the project will be done by members of unions that form the building trades, including the IBEW. In return, the unions commit to active involvement in bringing the project to fruition said Kirk Brungard, executive director of the Baltimore-D.C. Building Trades.

Albany, NY -The lines have been drawn with the House vote on the job-killing tax bill and we now know which side our Representatives in Washington DC are on.

Albany -Passing Buy American legislation has been one of the priority issues for the New York State AFL-CIO. Today, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed the job creating bill into law.