New York State AFL-CIO Announces Endorsements for Congress

Manhattan - Today, the 2.5 million member New York State AFL-CIO announced the endorsements of candidates running for the House of Representatives. The endorsements took place at the State Federation's 33rd Constitutional Convention at the Sheraton NY Times Square Hotel in New York City. More than one thousand delegates, representing union members from the public sector, private sector and building trades, were in attendance. Mario Cilento, President of the New York State AFL-CIO, said, “The decisions made in Washington DC impact the lives and economic well-being of all working men and women which is why the Labor Movement will do everything within our power to elect candidates committed to putting the interests of working people first.” The New York State AFL-CIO will coordinate a grassroots campaign to educate our members on labor's position in these races. The campaigns will consist of member mailings, worksite flyers, phone bank operations and a "labor-to-neighbor" program, where union members visit other members in the area to discuss a particular race. The following candidates were endorsed: House of Representatives
CD 6 Meng, Grace (D)
CD 7 Velazquez, Nydia (D-WF-WE)
CD 8 Jefferies, Hakeem (D)
CD 9 Clarke, Yvette (D-WF)
CD 10 *Nadler, Jerrold (D-WF-WE)
CD 11 Donovan Jr., Daniel (R-C-I-REF)
CD 12 *Maloney, Carolyn (D-WF-WE)
CD 13 Espaillat, Adriano (D)
CD 14 Crowley, Joe (D-WF-WE)
CD 15 Serrano, Jose (D-WF-WE)
CD 16 Engel, Eliot (D-WF-WE)
CD 17 Lowey, Nita (D-WF-WE)
CD 18 Maloney, Sean Patrick (D-I-WF-WE)
CD 19 Teachout, Zephyr (D-WF)
CD 20 Tonko, Paul (D-I-WF-WE)
CD 23 Plumb, John (D-WF)
CD 25 *Slaughter, Louise (D-WF-WE)
CD 26 Higgins, Brian (D-WF-WE)
CD 27 Kastenbaum, Diana (D-WF-WE)
  * Indicates an early endorsement