New York State AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento congratulates Governor Andrew Cuomo on his primary victory, thanks members for getting out the vote

Albany - “Working men and women sent a strong message tonight; they recognize that actions speak louder than words and that Governor Cuomo has demonstrated time and again that he will stand with organized labor and protect workers’ rights. I congratulate Governor Cuomo on his primary victory and look forward to getting our members back out to the polls in November to re-elect Andrew Cuomo as Governor of this great state.

I am particularly proud of our 2.5 million members, retirees and their families for executing a powerful grassroots campaign that included going door-to-door to speak directly to members about the importance of having Governor Cuomo continue his fight for organized labor and the middle class.”


 The New York State AFL-CIO is a federation of 3,000 affiliated public sector, private sector, and building trades unions throughout the state representing 2.5 million members, retirees and their families. Our State Federation, which is the largest and most diverse in the country, is committed to helping working families achieve a better life. For more information on the Labor Movement in New York, visit