Take Action

In 2018, I pledge I will:

  • Vote in the primary and general election for #UnionStrong candidates
  • Attend a labor to labor walk for a union endorsed candidate(s)
  • Talk to 5 of my union sisters and brothers about the 2018 election
A year ago New York union members led the way to the most impressive political victory in the history of this state – the defeat of the Constitutional Convention. Despite being down 40 points in the polls, Labor won on election day with an astonishing 83% of the vote.These days, it’s hard to get 83% of people to agree on anything, let alone an Election, but we did it - together. Another important Election Day is coming, and we need your help once again. It’s critical that you get out there and speak with your union brothers and sisters by participating in labor to labor, grassroots actions.As we showed with the Constitutional Convention, New York is union strong and it makes all the difference in the world.

Elected officials, we, the undersigned, demand that Charter/Spectrum be held accountable for how it treats its customers and workers. It is no longer acceptable that a multi-billion dollar company can get away with providing poor quality service to its customers, not meet their obligations from the takeover of Time Warner Cable, and not take care of its workers, who are profit-earners for the company.

Tell Congress to repeal the tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations instead of cutting the vital programs that benefit nearly one-third of the U.S. population.

The Trump administration has abandoned an update to the overtime rule but new legislation would put overtime protections back in place for millions of working people.

Unions help build a better life for working people but the wealthy are trying to further rig the economic system in their favor. Show your support for unions.