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Tell NYS: Protect workers who are sick and dying because of their jobs!

The Board has a very simple decision to make; it can ensure these workers receive the comp benefits to which they are entitled by acknowledging that for all of these workers, COVID-19 is an occupational disease, or it can further burden them by allowing insurance carriers to shirk their responsibilities, denying them health care, wage replacement, and death benefits.  

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Tell NYS Legislators: App Workers Deserve Respect

People who work regularly for these app companies are truly employees, and they deserve the same protections as other workers in our state, including a fair wage, safe workplaces, and protection from layoffs or disability.

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It's Time To Cut The Cord On Spectrum

  • Union workers on Strike for almost TWO YEARS
  • Internet speed way slower than Spectrum claims
  • Frequent outages and DVR not recording
  • Defective routers, modems & cable boxes
  • Random increases to your already expensive bill

Spectrum customers - along with the NY Attorney General’s office - have a long list of gripes with Spectrum Cable. With an income over $490 million and CEO Tom Rutledge earning a salary of $98.5 million, it’s clear that Spectrum Cable is fleecing its customers, overcharging for horrible service while raking in huge profits.

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The Trump administration has abandoned an update to the overtime rule but new legislation would put overtime protections back in place for millions of working people.

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