The 2.5 million member New York State AFL-CIO announced the endorsements of candidates running for office in the November 3, 2020 elections. 

NYS AFL-CIO President throws out the first pitch

Albany – More than 1,000 union members and their families enjoyed an afternoon at the ballpark to watch the New York Mets final game of the season as they played the Atlanta Braves. The day was an opportunity for union members to show their solidarity by wearing Union Strong, union-made T-shirts at a game designated as “Union Night” at the ballpark.

Help UAW members on strike:  Donations can be made to the following local United Ways to assist striking workers and their families during this difficult time.  Donations are greatly appreciated.

Albany, NY - The 2.5 million members of the New York State AFL-CIO stand with our brothers and sisters of UAW across this country including here in New York State at Local 774 in Buffalo, Local 686 in Lockport and Local 1097 in Rochester, in their fight for a fair contract. 

These dedicated men and women work hard every day and are the reason GM has been able to make record-level profits.

All working men and women should take pause to celebrate Labor Day. And now, there is one class of workers, left behind for a century, that can finally join the celebration.I’m talking about farmworkers who just last month won basic labor rights, including the right to organize a union, a mandatory day of rest and the right to overtime pay.

Tens of thousands of lives will improve immediately and future generations of farmworkers will also benefit for years to come as a result of the recently signed Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act.