A top priority this year will be the fight to ensure that gig economy workers are no longer treated as second class citizens.

On behalf of our 2.5 million members, retirees and their families across New York State, I welcome everyone in the labor movement back to Albany, and I wish each of you a healthy and happy New Year

On Labor Day, we recognize and honor the achievements of America's working people. In 2017, this annual celebration comes at a critical time for our nation. Collective action is on the rise—yet so are the attacks on our pay, health care, retirement security and rights on the job. As we enjoy the fellowship of our loved ones at a barbecue, fireworks or other community event, it also is important to reflect on the best ways working people can come together to build an economy that works for all of us.

In the November general election, you will be asked to vote on whether or not New York should hold a convention to change our state constitution.  A Convention would be a boondoggle for politicians and corporate lobbyists to take away your wages, benefits and rights.  And to make matters worse, you'd have to pay the price tag—hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.  Your union urges you to VOTE NO!

Albany -The New York State AFL-CIO is mobilizing its 2.5 million members, retirees and their families around a “Week of Action” beginning Monday, July 17, 2017 against the Senate Republican Health Care Bill. The Republican proposed health care plan would take away health benefits from tens of millions of people and allow insurance companies to charge people with cancer, diabetes and other illnesses tens of thousands more for care they need to survive.
Senate Republicans are planning to vote soon on repealing the Affordable Care Act, and replacing it with a loosely veiled effort to gut health coverage for millions of families to deliver enormous tax cuts to corporations. If they're successful, the fight will turn to the House once again, where New York Representatives will be the key to protecting health care for millions of hardworking Americans.

Text ACA to 877877 to be connected with your Representative Now.

Albany - “This is a victory for all New Yorkers.Requiring American made iron and steel products for New York's roads and bridges is a wise investment for the future of our economy. "Buy American, will create and maintain solid middle-class jobs, strengthen local economies and give a much needed shot in the arm to the manufacturing industry right here at home in New York.It ensures our hard-earned tax dollars are not sent overseas and are invested back into our own workforce.
ALBANY, NY -The New York Regional Conference of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers(BAC) hosted a Masonry Exposition in Albany, New York on Tuesday, June 13, 2017. The Masonry Expo featuredhands-on demonstrationsof bricklaying and tile setting along with displays of stone, marble, concrete masonry unit block, plaster and rain screen.
Both houses of the legislature and the governor have introduced legislation to enact stronger laws requiring that when taxpayer dollars are used on public works projects we try to use American made iron and steel products to the greatest extent possible. Both houses have also included these provisions in their one-house budget proposals over the last two years and public support for strengthening Buy American is through the roof.
The increased use of debit cards over the last decade as method of payroll was sold as a modern, convenient way for employees to access their pay and an alternative for low wage workers to avoid predatory check cashing companies. Inevitably, however, the unchecked use of debit cards for payroll has led to many workers getting unfairly charged to access their pay.